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Casey Kasem

Let Us See Dad...

Or Else

10/4/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem's children have issued an ultimatum to their step-mom, Jean Kasem ... she has one more chance to let them see their ailing father ... and if she doesn't she'll lose control over his life.

The former, long-time host of "America's Top 40" is very ill with advanced Parkinson's and his kids have been trying in vain to see him for the last 3 months but they say Jean has blocked them.

So Kerri, Julie and Mike have hired a lawyer to negotiate with Jean, and here's the bottom line -- if she doesn't let them see their dad, the lawyer will go to court and ask a judge to create a conservatorship for Casey and make THEM the conservators.

They've tried everything else.  As we first reported, they staged a protest earlier this week in front of the house but Jean called the cops on them.

And apparently it's not what you think.  We're told the kids are not beneficiaries in Casey's will.  They just want to see him before it's too late.

We could not reach Jean for comment.



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Johnny Carcinoma    

Has it never occurred to them that he does not wish to see them in his current condition?

No wonder they are on the outs with Casey. No respect.

Good luck getting a conservatorship. What a bunch of garbage pail kids.

386 days ago


I have had the displeasure of talking to Jean Kasem. Actually, she called herself Mrs Casey Kasem. It all started when I worked for Land Rover Roadside Assistant while I was in college. Her car broke down and I had the audacity to say the tow truck would be 30 minutes. This bitch responds, "don't you know who I am, I am Mrs Casey Kasem" My exact response was "And what is that supposed to mean to me?" She demanded to speak to my manager, I got written up for being rude to Mrs Casey Kasem. What a see u next tuesday!

386 days ago


I have seen several people who remarry and they act like the first family doesn't exist any more. one man when before the judge (because of non support for first child) told the judge he couldn't afford to pay, since he had a new family. the judge said he didn't give a damn how many families he had, he better pay child support for previous is as if the second wife doesn't want him to have contact with previous children. happens quite often.

386 days ago

Choose Laughter    

Oh, oh I sense disaster!

386 days ago


A long distance dedication isn't good enough for them.

386 days ago


I predict that even though his kids say this is not about money and that they know they are not included in the will and are ok with that, when he dies I'm sure they are going to go to court and contest the will saying that it was written under Jean's duress. I will bet money on it.

So many of you believe that this is all Jean's doing because you cannot accept that maybe Casey himself does not want to see his children. Maybe he's angry with them for not accepting his wife, maybe he doesn't want them to see him in his current condition, whatever reason, it could be that Jean is only following his wishes by keeping the kids away from him.

386 days ago


Jean is a total bitch, not letting his flesh & blood see their dad before he dies.

386 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

There's been a lot of nasty comments about Jean, but no one seems to want to acknowledge that Casey himself cut these adult children from his will for a reason. I wish people would at least consider the man did not want them in his life. Yes, people, children can be conniving, manipulative, and plain BAD. Just read the news.

386 days ago


Having taken care of a dying loved one, I know how family and friends seem to appear out of the woodwork. It is stressful enough being a caregiver without having to entertain unwanted and useless guests. Your worn out. His children should have a welfare check done, not a public display with signs and media attention. That made them appear like buzzards waiting to swoop down for scraps

386 days ago


Well any father whom doesn't place his OWN children in his will really may not be WORTH seeing.

386 days ago


This is very sad. But who knows what is behind it all??? You just never know. Every family has their problems. Some times you have to make decisions to cut the problems out of your life for what ever reason. This situation sounds some what like that but from which side I dont know.

386 days ago


I bet this whole mess could have been resolved if the would have offered his kids a Scooby Snack.

386 days ago


Let's break this down. Casey divorces the mother of his children, and a few years later at age 50, marries a SEVENTEEN year old Marilyn Monroe wannabe. Nobody approves, nobody likes her, but they continue a relationship with Casey anyways. As soon as his condition deteriorates to the point where he's feeble and house-bound, Jean acts out of spite and says "you never liked me, so stay the hell away", and here we are. I mean, seriously, all you have to know is that a 17 year old bimbo married a 50 year old millionaire to see what's going on here. Jean's already got his money, so it's not about that. She's acting like a spiteful b!tc#, because let's face it, nice girls don't drop out of high school to marry rich old men.

386 days ago


I'm sorry, I still don't see why the spouse gets a say in visitations. Those are his kids and they have every right to see their father and help make decisions on the health treatments of their father.

385 days ago


TMZ!!! They have a half sister Liberty (Jean and Casey's daughter), reach out to Liberty! Where is she? has she seen her Father?!

385 days ago
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