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Adrian Peterson

Met Son for 1st Time In Hospital

10/12/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrian Peterson only recently learned he was the father of a 2-year-old boy in South Dakota ... and met him for the first time Thursday ... while the boy was on life support, TMZ has learned. 

Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us ... roughly 2-3 months ago, the mother of the child had a paternity test done with an ex she suspected to be the father, in an effort to collect child support from him.

But the test turned up negative, so the woman went to Adrian ... with whom she had a sexual encounter several years ago.

We're told ... when Adrian was first informed about the matter, he didn't question the possibility he was the dad -- but rather asked how he could help the situation.

Sources tell us ... a few weeks ago, A.P. started to plan a trip to South Dakota to meet the child for the first time and he was supposed to fly out later this month.

But when he heard the news about the attack on the 2-year-old, Peterson dropped everything and jetted over to Sioux Falls as soon as he could.

We're told Adrian met the child for the first time while the boy was on life support.

Multiple sources tell us ... Adrian has been very involved since the tragedy and was the one pushing to have the child's organs donated to other people in need of a transplant.

As for the suspect, Joey Patterson, we're told Adrian has never met the guy.

We reached out to Adrian and the mother of the child for comment -- so far, no word back from either side.

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Instead of making nasty comments about a man who only recently found out the child was his...We talk about child abuse and what it has done to an innocent little boy. The child had the life beaten out of him! By a low life child beater...Sounds like as soon as his bio dad knew what was happening it was already to late...Good grief, ya'll are so petty!!!

373 days ago


I called it last night! I wasn't trying to be rude but I knew he did not know the child. I said it on his Twitter, I hope he comes to grips without guilt of not knowing his child of what has happened.
The sad part is, so many people, celebs and football players are sending him all this love like he is a great father. But he was NO father to this child.

What about the mother who is in REAL MOURNING here? This is why he did not want to discuss anything at News Conf. He knows he had no relationship :-( So sad. Now people will talk how strong he is that he can go play tomorrow.. HE NEVER KNEW THE CHILD FOOLS!

373 days ago


it's AD people...not AP. you think it would be, but it's not.

373 days ago


may that poor little baby rest in peace in gods arms! This should never happen, no matter what a parent is going thru if they can't handle nurtureing and protecting their child then they should do the honorable thing and giving it up to either a relative , put it up for adoption, or foster care, please dont take anger or problems out on children, Children are the purest and they are small they are like angels and god gave them to us to nurture love and protect so they could give this back to the world in return! PLEASE NEVER ABUSE A CHILD! GIVE THEM UP BEFORE YOU BEAT THEM UP! they are gods children!

373 days ago


For all of you Adrian Peterson supporters answer me this? Who was closer to the child? Adrian or the neighbor across the street?

373 days ago


Blacks, whites, should be enraged how a 100 million dollar athlete creates a life and only shows up to watch it pass on A gurney in **** falls South Dakota. I'm disgusted. Here's hoping their is a god to care for our unwanted one night stands. Fu Adrian.

373 days ago


Perhaps if Peterson was a father instead of just going around the country having bastard children and leaving them for other men to raise this whole tragedy would have been averted.

372 days ago


Some of you can't read. It says he just found out about the boy and he was planning on flying out at the end of the month.

372 days ago


And lets not forget a 2 yr old baby lost his life to some ******* that beats on kids.

372 days ago



Check out the killer's facebook page.

372 days ago


Baby mama sure got around...at least 3 guys in 3 years, probably more. She IS part of the reason that little boy is dead. Too many men.

372 days ago


This situation is representative of what is wrong with the world today. Adrian Peterson screws some girl and doesn't even think back to wonder if she got pregnant (as I'm sure he has or will do the same thing several more times...like most professional black athletes). He then finds out 3 months ago the kid is his but doesn't have time to fly a state away to meet him....and then finally meets him while the kid is on life support (come on people....like he wasn't going to go see the kid knowing the backlash on him if he didn't....especially when news came out he had never met the kid). Yes, then he asks for "privacy" even though he likely has never given this child very much thought....more likely requesting privacy so people wouldn't find out the whole story. I don't feel sorry for him, at all....I feel sorry for the child....who had a jersey chasing mother who is likely trash.

372 days ago


TMZ posted a story Friday that said Adrian and his 2 year old were "very close", and even posted a pic of them from 6 months ago. Don't belive everything you read on this site.

372 days ago


I am shocked by some of these insensitive remarks that some of you have made. I mean come on people...a two year old died after he was beaten so hard that he had to place on life support!
After reading some of these comments...there is just one think that comes to mind.....If as_holes could fly...this place would be an airport...

372 days ago

billy pootons    

this story at least makes a little bit of sense now, even if it is a terrible story

372 days ago
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