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Adrian Peterson

5th Baby with (At Least) 4th Baby Mama

10/16/2013 7:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Adrian Peterson
's baby count is now at 5 ... 'cause a 4th woman has surfaced who has a child with the NFL star, TMZ has learned.

This time, the baby mama is Erica Syion -- a former dancer who worked at a gentlemen's club in Dallas, TX. Erica and Adrian have a 4-year-old son together.

Sources connected to the situation tell us ... the two have a financial arrangement, in which Adrian gives Erica money to pay for the kid's schooling, as well as living expenses.


We're told the two met in Houston back in 2007 ... but their relationship has deteriorated in the past few years.

Sources tell us Adrian IS involved in the child's life -- but Erica is the primary parent, with Adrian visiting when he can.

In total, Adrian has fathered (at least) 5 children: 2 kids he referenced in a 2009 documentary ... one was 4 at the time. He didn't mention the age of the other (it's likely he was referencing his son with Erica).

Since then ... he fathered Adrian Peterson Jr. (who's 2-years-old) and a 3-month-old daughter with a waitress in Minnesota. His other son, a 2-year-old, passed away last week.

It's possible his 8-year-old and AP Jr. have the same mom -- but so far, we haven't been able to confirm.


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Invest in condoms bumdass

340 days ago


Wrap it up AP

340 days ago


Adrian Peterson 5th Baby with (At Least) 4th Baby Mama....................I'M GLAD TO SEE ADRIAN ALWAYS USES PROTECTION

340 days ago

Kartrashian Klan    

Interesting how tmZ is only showing the black moms and implying they're golddiggers. Since when are you exposing paternity crap anyway? Why not do a story on Kris Jenner pinning that fat Kardashian on Robert knowing she isn't his then. Oh wait they're your lead kash kows so we will never see that story!

340 days ago


Wow!!! she is NOT cute!

340 days ago

: - P    

How many cities or towns have numerous half brothers and sisters running around that don't even know it because of dumb ass men and women like this, just constantly f*cking every person they meet at Walmart or Denny's. It's pathetic! Then those kids grow up and bang every one they see, and they're bound to end up eventually banging one of their half brothers or sisters that live in that city/town. People need to stop f*cking everything that moves and have some respect for themselves and their bodies! This is nasty!

340 days ago

Tutti Frooooty     

Wrap up your nasty swinging d***, Adrian!!

340 days ago


This jerk needs to use some effing condoms! It's not fair for the kids he's making. They don't have a 'day to day' Daddy. Like a bee going from flower to flower with nary a care which flower gets 'pollinated'. Can we say 'irresponsible'?

Don't even get me started on the women who try to get knocked up, either. Both parties are wrong, wrong, wrong. smh jeez

340 days ago


who cares how many kids he has? Jeeze, his son was MURDERED and all TMZ and some of the readers can do is dog the man for having kids with women? I bet you don't have a problem with him when he's playing football! You people are so d&mn rude and disrespectful to that poor baby who was MURDERED by the hands of another! Why not place the blame on the mother who allowed her baby to be MURDERED! Adrian Peterson was out making a living to support his kids!

340 days ago


So many 'ho's, so little time.....

340 days ago


Disgusting. Someone should neuter him. He may be a biological father, but he is no dad. How can you guide and shape a child's life when you're hardly around?

340 days ago


$100 million should buy a lot of condoms

340 days ago


Keep your winky in your pants!!!!

340 days ago


After hearing about that child brutally murdered at the hands of his mother's boyfriend, I honestly don't give a rat's arse how many kids some rich guy has. I just want to know what will happen with the evil person who murdered a defenseless toddler! Adrian's kid count can be a topic for a later date, TMZ.

Also, this "do you still feel sympathy" topic TMZ has going on today on their LIVE show is really disgusting:
"Plus, the Adrian Peterson baby count keeps rising as the NFL star's baby mamas come out of the woodwork. 5 kids with at least 4 different mamas. So, the question: Do you feel less sympathy for AP now? Be honest."

Yes, Adrian needs some condoms in his Christmas stocking, but save these trivial topics for later, TMZ. The last thing anyone involved in that kid's life wants to hear is about the other half-siblings. Dig in the murderers past or something else useful.

340 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Those who are saying "what's the big deal?" The BIG DEAL IS 1. These children are suffering without a constant fatherly figure in their life (their own father). 2 His arrogance about how he is such a almighty morally correct christian. He preaches and comments about people living immorally and he leads a immorally, unchristian like life!

340 days ago
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