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Kendra Wilkinson's Bro

She Kept Alleged Pregnancy From Fam

She's a 'Psychotic Bitch'

10/18/2013 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1018_kendra_wilkinson_and_brother_gettyWe know why Kendra Wilkinson's brother called his sister a psychotic bitch who can go straight to hell ... because she humiliated and disrespected their family by hiding possible baby news.

Colin Wilkinson, Kendra's bro who has appeared on her reality show, went crazy on Kendra for telling their mom to die. 

So we started digging, to find out what triggered the explosion of anger.  It seems Colin and the mom were bent out of shape because they were left in the dark about her possible pregnancy.  They learned of it after reports surfaced yesterday.

Family sources tell us ... Kendra's mom called her daughter and apparently the conversation didn't go well, because it ended with a death wish.

Colin then stuck up for his mother and went nuts on Kendra.

Kendra won't confirm whether she's pregnant.  One thing's for sure ... when the baby's born, his or her Thanksgivings will be intimate -- no need for sticking an extension in the dining room table.


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Let's be honest LADIES for once, if have a rocky relationship with your mother, whether it be personal disagreements during your childhood or maybe your mother doesn't like your husband or boyfriend. If you are pregnant, when do you tell your mother you're pregnant. Do you tell her when you're good and ready? Let's take a vote...

349 days ago


Really though, who the hell cares?

349 days ago

Evan Benz    

Get it together !!!

Thanksgiving is next month.

349 days ago


I agree with a lot of these comments.....Kendra's Mom needs to get a LIFE and quit trying to live vicariously through Kendra! She didn't even raise her - her Grandma did!

Like some said, you tell the family your pregnanat WHEN YOU'RE GOOD & READY. Her Mom needs to butt out. It was a little harsh of Kendra to tell her to drop dead or whatever she said....but her Mom is over-the-top...I remember the episode when her mother insisted she go to the nightclub with Kendra - ewwwww....Get in your own age lane & find a man or do something to keep yourself occupied lady!!!

I don't blame Kendra for feeling the way she does about her mother - she probably has anger issues with her mother - that she was dumped on her grandmother's lap because her mother couldn't handle raising a kid back then!

Colin seems like a good kid that's caught in the middle and totally influenced by his controlling mother...she apparently did raise "him" unlike Kendra....Don't ruin your relationship with your sister because your mom is a stage 5 clinger that needs to get a LIFE!

349 days ago


WOW. I did not think she could stoop any lower.First she wants an open marriage. Now death threatening her own mother. Pathetic. What goes around most certainly comes around. Hope karma bites her in the ass

349 days ago


Talk about white trailer trash. Jeez! Bad enough KW made her name by taking her clothes off. Now this idiot is calling her names because he wasn't told she was preggers! Really?! What a nasty family.

349 days ago


I'm surprised any guy would want to be with her. Like a shirt that's been laundered too many times.

349 days ago

There's a problem here    

I know who she is but I don't know anything about her family so why is it so important to her brother that she announce a pregnancy? Isn't that creeping anyone else out?

349 days ago


The trouble with fame, is that it turns weak, vulnerable people into vicious self-idols. A woman would have to be very selfish and immature to wish death on anyone. That is a childish outburst.

349 days ago


I do not blame her after how horribly her muther behaved when she announced her first pregnancy.

349 days ago


The same thing happened between Kendra and her mom when she told her family she was pregnant with Lil Hank. Momma was not happy!

349 days ago


The mother and brother need to jump off cliffs.

349 days ago


She doesn't have to tell anyone she's pregnant, that between her and her husband. Sounds like the brother is just hungry for money.

349 days ago


So wrong to talk about your sister like matter what.

349 days ago


She's a grown ass women she don't have to tell no damn body but her husband so leave her da **** alone

349 days ago
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