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Bieber's Strip Club Night


I Almost Fainted

10/19/2013 7:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has become twice the man he was last month.  First, making a pilgrimage to the Great Wall of China (it's a whole Chinese thing), and then, last night, touching a stripper's ass.

Biebs not only went to a Texas strip club, it's a particularly raunchy one where girls do things that leave marks. 

Biebs hit up VLive ... enjoying time with his shirt off and pants down.  Here's the highlight ... one of the strippers tweeted afterwards, "He touched my ass  I almost fainted."  She also had this introspective observation -- "I've danced for a lot of celebrities and they normally don't phase me but Justin had me in shock!"

Another stripper said JB made it rain. Based on the videos we saw ... apparently so did her co-worker.


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alek vidakovic    

WHAT doeing HAPPING jor mony this nestie justin

366 days ago

Queka (que carajo les importa)    

Thia page si soo false, tmz why aren't You go to the ****ing bich?? This is the worst page in the world. Sorry i don't speak english. In my country we say: porque no se van a la concha de su hermana tmz son una página de mierda que lo único que hace es joder a justin, son unos hijos de puta malparidos porque no se dejan de ro,per las pelotas y se van a hacer algo útil como la humanidad como reciclar. Ojalá que los viole un mono estúpidos de mierda. Déjen de hacer quedar mal a justin y dedíquense a otra cosa pedazo de inadaptados sociales.
Pd= Argentina manda y los yanquis obedesen.
Pd 2= ojalá que cuando allá unaapocalipsis zombies ustedes mueran atropellados por un camión
Pd 3= justin es el mejor y le tienen la re envidia

366 days ago


this is to funny everyone in here are all worked up over some 19 yr old boy living life lol you retards need to get a life already quit the ****en tuff talk over a computer screen like you lames are some hard asses in real life bcuz i can bet 3 bills you all are nothing but a bunch of square *****s, this kid aint the only ****in kid that has his f'n pants below his ass and always with no shirt lol why dont you act the way you act on here with kids out were you live that act the same way oh wait maybe it's bcuz you dont have the balls to say anything face to face.... but i do see there is alot of homophobics in here trying to bash this kid lol. and idk how he's not talented when he can actually sing "with out auto tune" and play insturments and many other things that something called talent and from what i know he was already famous even before he sign with usher lol even then if usher wouldnt have signed him he would of got signed by justin timberlake and still be here but watever you all can hate on him "BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON LIES A PACK OF HATERS" good day tmz warriors.

366 days ago


jerry's golden shower

366 days ago


" He touched my Ass
I almost farted " Lol

366 days ago


He is a wigger. Too bad he just cant go out for a night withour being picked apart in the press or on line, but he's made his bed, now lie in it.

366 days ago


what's with the pants down and shirts off?

366 days ago


Haha fail by tmz! They said he was drinking alcohol! He's holding a water bottle. They weren't serving alcohol that night

366 days ago


What a class act. He and Miley would make a great couple!

366 days ago


why does he wear pants? all we ever see is his underwear. he could save a bundle on not buying pants...

366 days ago


will someone just beat the crap out of this douche bag.

366 days ago


I try not to hate on Justin but really Justin? That much underwear showing is ridiculous man. That can't be comfortable to walk around in.

366 days ago


it's funny how he can walk around like that, but they did say it's raunchy there. My brother in law had to tuck his shirt in to get in,the club.

366 days ago

mary landeros    

wanna be ****** wangster .

366 days ago


this time the 'TMZ' start out foot justin, I'm not a bieber fan, but I think that he's a big boy What do you want to do in his life, and his life and has niguém who cares!

366 days ago
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