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Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Hung Out with Nightclub Promoter

Before Underage Partying

10/20/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kylie and Kendall Jenner rolled into Vignette Lounge like V.I.P.s -- hanging with the club promoter ... which punches a big hole in claims the staff was clueless about who they were when they arrived.

TMZ obtained pics of Darren Dzienciol hanging with Scott Disick and K&K at a fashion show earlierTuesday night. Darren works with Bartelier Group which promotes parties all over L.A. -- including the 21-and-over Wax Rabbit event at Vignette that very night.

As we reported, Vignette's manager claims the underage Jenner girls showed fake IDs when they entered the club Tuesday night ... and that bouncers didn't recognize they were Kardashians.

Darren was also one of the guys ushering Kylie and Kendall out of the club underneath blankets -- most likely to hide their identities ... and possibly because they were tipsy.

So, even if the club's staff didn't know the girls were minors -- which seems extremely unlikely -- the club's head promoter that night certainly did.

We've reached out to Darren for comment ... but he hasn't gotten back to us.


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Nightclub promoter?? Isn't that Hollywood-speak for drug dealer??

346 days ago


They are not kardashians TMZ get your stories correct please!!!!!

346 days ago


Sell there stock

346 days ago


Are you frigging people learning impaired? These girls are NOT KARDASHIANS!!!! They're Jenners. Not one drop of blood in their veins are Kardashian. The whoremonger mom can do a lot of things with smoke mirrors and lies, but making then Kardashians she can't do. My how stupid little sheep are. Follow your way to slaughter......

346 days ago


They said "the bouncers did not recognize they were Kardashians." They are not Kardashians....they are Jenners.

346 days ago


Let's see we had the "that's what teenagers do" excuse.....the "trying to get them into trouble " .......line and "all teenagers drink and go to sex clubs" ....lie....but it still doesn't change the fact that they were minors in a over 21 sex club in the company of their tramp sister Khloe and thier drunk as a shunk not even brother in law....
Still trying to spin this to Blame ..Scott ....Blame this guy......Blame being teens......But DO NOT MENTION SAINT KHLOE the only family member with them......She should be number one on the hit list for Blame....closely followed by the girls..and Scott....You can see in those photos the man is hammered at the fashion show...if anybody took them-to the club it wouldn't be him Hell he's so drunk he couldn't find his way to the bathroom by himself.....This is Khloe's favorite hangout were she meets her rapper "friends" ....Who do you think took them.....? .....Khloe and her friend ?"the club Promoter......l;

346 days ago


Why do people continue to refer to these two girls as Kardashians.....they have absolutely NO Kardashian blood in them........they are Jenner's and what ever their mother was prior to marrying Robert K......they are not Kardashians....

346 days ago


Darren D is one of the biggest s*** in l.a. he always escorts underage celebs into his clubs and constantly spews racist remarks, Ive actually seen him throw a girl against a wall once and threaten her. He's well know for this type of stuff.... hes years away from a rape charge... trust me

346 days ago


kylie looks about 28- sad.

346 days ago


I couldn't care less about these girls but come on... I sure as heck went to bars when I was underage, it's called a fake ID and big boobs.

345 days ago


They didn't realize the girls were Kardashians because hey're Jenners. TMZ, sigh. Does the keyword Kardashion come up higher in search engine rankings that Jenner so you gave these two twits that last name? It's bad enough they have the same mother as the other twist, let alone the same father. (I know people say Khloe isn't a Kardashian either but these two girls have a living father with actively raising them.)

345 days ago



345 days ago

South Beach    

So where was bro-in-law Scotty D while all these good times were going down? Come on what a bunch of bull..Everyone knew and was cool with it until the pics of the girls trashed got out..THAT's overboard guys..Looks like to tail is wagging the dog waaay to much in that house.

345 days ago


Send the skanks to rehab now.... It's where they are headed anyway.

345 days ago

my 2 cents    

It would not surprise me if Kendall gets a tattoo for the 18th birthday....

345 days ago
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