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Bruce Jenner

Not Invited

To Kanye's Engagement Surprise

10/24/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner
was NOT invited to AT&T Park when Kanye West popped the question to Kim Kardashian ... in fact, he had no idea his step-daughter was getting engaged until AFTER the fact -- TMZ has learned.

Family sources tell us ... Bruce and Kanye have never had a "real conversation."  As we previously reported, Bruce was not happy when Kim hooked up with Kanye so quickly after she left Kris Humphries.  

We're told Kanye is the one who planned every detail of the surprise proposal.  We do not know exactly why Bruce was not invited -- whether it was because of Kanye or because of Bruce's separation from Kris.

We do know ... Bruce didn't even know Kanye was popping the question until he got a call from Kim immediately after she got engaged.   We're told Bruce was Kim's first call, because Kim considers him to be her father.



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Yeah because every dad wants to watch some filthy, no talent ****** propose to his daughter. All of the Kardashians that marry ******s are a disgrace.

362 days ago

roger rocks!    

I feel like the people who really care are those who comment. Usually when any mature person doesn't like or care for something in particular they won't comment until asked. That's like me going to every health food article and commenting.. "I hate peas..why do people eat them?!? When will they stop being grown!?" Just childish..

362 days ago


Thats a lieeeee!!!!! If you watch kendall Keek video from the proposal day you can actually see Bruce on the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

362 days ago


so whatever happened to that person that posted about Kim K Superstar the one that wrote her bio and said how Khloes real dad is the pool boy's?

362 days ago


That's why you don't spend more time with your step kids than your biological children.Dumbass

362 days ago


kanye is a total wanker its that simple. inlaws not getting along well bfd its the norm?! you invite them all and more often than not you luck out when they politely find an excuse NOT to show. you don't start off in a relationship sticking it to an inlaw regardless whether he and his female skank counterpart plan to divorce. that said we can all be grateful for not being members of that totally dysfunctional "family."

362 days ago


I heard the main course meal is fish sticks, can anyone clarify this?

362 days ago


Everyone is confused. When you are a "creative genius" you are allowed to ban the bride's father from parties. I give it 6 months.

362 days ago


E! News has been showing bits and pieces of the engagement (a.k.a. sneak peeks of the engagement which will be shown in it's entirety next season). E! cams were rolling the whole time - totally planned - totally faked... surprising? No - the same thing went own with Kris Humphries' engagement plans, did anyone really thing that gorilla w/ zero skills in the romance department came up with that "fairy tale" proposal. Momma K set up the whole thing - funded by E! - even the engagement ring and wedding were paid for by E! - otherwise why would Kris sell a $2 mil ring (which he couldn't have afforded) at auction for $60...0k and feel good about taking a $1.4 mil loss? lol E! will be planning this and footing the bill, as well. Guaranteed. Staged, lame, 15 minutes are up with these loser... NEXT?!

PS: Not just "poor Bruce" but poor Kendall and Kylie - their over possessive mother is already showing the future of how she plans to treat THEIR father... even this season, she is jealous whenever Kendall wants to spend time with her Jenner brothers.... those girls are never going to get to see their father, if its up to Kris. They'll be just like LiLo soon.... sad, after such a long marriage - and I'm sure when Bruce was in his prime, Kris considered herself a lucky woman (as she was) - now she keeps him to the curb like trash. Bruce made the show interesting, imo, someone with SOME morals who tried to keep everyone's feet on the ground and act respectfully and/or humbly.... that family is more than doomed if they really are divorcing - Kris continues to use and abuse people - its all about the $ for the plastic surgery she requires to continue to look 20 whilst in her 60s. She sets a great example for those two Jenner girls (NOT).

362 days ago


When Kim gets sick of Kanye - TMZ will be reporting how he's on crack too.... just like Lamar - they'll do him just like Lamar is getting (its so obvious Lamar is not on crack)!

362 days ago


No one should be surprised that Bruce was not invited.

First of all, Kris Jenner is a liar. She has been lying about how everything was find between her and Bruce until her show was cancelled.

It's obvious that Bruce and Kanye did not get along and when Kanye moved into the Kardashian house before North was born, Bruce moved out.

Let's face it and not beat around the bush about the relationships within the Kardashian house. Bruce does not want the "black" males around the house, which may be to keep his own girl from getting involved with any of them.

It would have been nice to have black men with any intelligence around but with Kanye and Lamar it's like scraping the bottom of the barrel in desperation.

Word to Bruce: Keep those girls of yours from being influenced by the likes of their step-sisters who have no morals.

362 days ago


People only watch them because they are RICH,spoiled & self indulgent. They are not normal,so people watch them.The have what most average people will never have,so of course everyone likes to see how the 1% live.
They do inspire contempt,however. Shallow, empty people, loaded with dough.hmmmm

362 days ago


I think its pretty ****ty that Bruce Jenner wasn't there. Has the stench of moneygrubbin Kris Jenner written all over it. SHAMEFUL

362 days ago


given the way he was training khole's dog...I don't think that Bruce is a bargain either.....

362 days ago


Is Harvey going to perform the ceremony? KMZ

361 days ago
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