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Suri Cruise

Expert Reveals Personality Profile

11/9/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri Cruise has the confidence and maturity that far exceeds the norm for a 7-year-old ... so says Suri expert Tom Cruise.

In his deposition in the defamation case, Tom says Suri is a good communicator, which allows him to have meaningful conversations with her when he's not with her.

But more than that ... Cruise swore under oath ... his daughter is "confident" and has "a good sense of herself."

Now here's the most interesting part.  Tom says Suri is "a very happy child."  That may be true, but we've found plenty of photos which don't show this kid looking like a happy camper.

So we gotta ask...


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Maybe Suri is Very Unhappy with what her mother did to her family?

350 days ago


That kid is going to keep a team of shrinks busy.

350 days ago


Have you ever known a kid that didn't cry or have their little melt downs ? The time to worry is when the child shows no emotions.

350 days ago

Ratings Needed    

Are you serious??? Writing about a 7 yr. old that is constantly harrassed by paparazzi so they can take pictures of her like that & then say she has issues? Your staff is young & single minded to not know or understand that kids aren't perfect & some, like your staff, never grow to maturity. It's a sad day for TMZ no bikini babes, butts or breasts to drool over so you hit on a 7 yr. old. You're getting worse every day! :(

350 days ago


So something is wrong with this child because she isn't smiling for the paparazzi like a future Kardashian wannabe? She is a little girl who has been hounded by strange men with cameras her whole life. I love her because she seems to get that the paps are only out for themselves and she isn't going to try to put on a pretty face just because that is what they want. A lot of people could learn something from her.

350 days ago


The only people here with issues and unhappy is you TMZ...harassing kids to get rich and popular is stupido.

350 days ago


So wait a minute TMZ you freaking s***bags are attacking kids now? WTF is wrong with you maggots?

350 days ago


None of our business about their child. In fact, don't even care.

350 days ago


TMZ you don't know this kid personally! Maybe she hates paparazzi.

350 days ago

Jocelyn Lynette Watson     

Who really cares? I feel sorry for the kid cuz of her narcissistic parents but that's about it. It's just another little girl, leave her the hell alone!!!

350 days ago


Children should be off limits. They are completely innocent. Leave her alone.

350 days ago


I would consider my kid to be happy, too, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her bad days. It's called a kid being a.. KID. It's sometimes frustrating figuring out the way of the world. If Suri Cruise has any "issues" it's that people like TMZ and the papparazi won't leave her alone and let her be a.. KID.

Seriously, stop expecting so much from her and leave her be.

350 days ago


TMZ has sunk to a new low.

350 days ago


This kid was carried everywhere until something like last year. I used to feel sorry for Katie having to carry that child who was far beyond the age that child should have been carried.

Her father being in a cult probably doesn't help, either.

350 days ago


Her only issue is that she's a spoiled little brat. She needs to learn the world doesn't revolve around her.

350 days ago
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