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Bruce and Lamar

Best Buds In Malibu

11/12/2013 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
has a savior ... and it turns out it's the other guy in the Kardashian house who left the Klan ... Bruce Jenner.

Sources connected to both Bruce and Lamar tell TMZ ... Lamar has been spending a lot of time with Bruce at his new home in Malibu.  They spend hours together during which Bruce counsels Lamar on various life issues, including how to stay clean and whose company he should and shouldn't be keeping.

Bruce is telling confidantes Lamar is CLEAN -- free of drugs and alcohol.

We're told Bruce feels he's a positive influence on Lamar and can make a huge difference in his life.  Bruce has told friends he loves Lamar and thinks he's a "good soul." 

As Bruce told one friend, "Everybody's got s**t in their life and they need to learn how to deal with it.  Lamar didn't deal with his very well."

Bruce is also telling friends ... Lamar is working out constantly and has not given up on his dream to return to the NBA.

And Bruce is saying ... it doesn't matter that Khloe is pulling the plug on her marriage ... he will stay close to Lamar because he genuinely cares for him.


No Avatar

Maybe Bruce Should Join the NBA cause Lamar is sure not planning on it!!! Honestly Lamar needs to fight his way back it to the NBA get healthy!

348 days ago


Some of this might be believable if it didn't all come out after Lamar got caught cheating on Big Foot. As it is, not buying a word of it. She claims she loves him but she proves daily she doesn't or she wouldn't be trashing him on their stupid show and with all the media.

348 days ago


Lamar looks like SHAK!

348 days ago


Best of both worlds. Have your own place and when you need some, plan a visit for a little while, then go back to your fortress of solitude.

348 days ago


I think that's great!

348 days ago


Great news! I think Bruce will really help him stay clean....they are the only TWO GOOD people in that family in my opinion - other than Rob....the others (including the young ones who are quickly being molded into Kim & clan) are all so self centered it's sickening.

Kourtney used to be my favorite, but she is such a bitch anymore & thinks she's perfect...I can't stand her anymore...I don't know how Scott puts up with her....good luck Scott with that one!

I'm glad Bruce got his "freedom" from control-freak Kris....looks like the only company Kris will be keeping is a POT BELLY PIG!!!

Kris - good luck finding ANYONE who will put up with the crap you put Bruce through! No money in the world is worth that....Bruce will end up the happy one & Kris will be sitting home ALONE CRYING IN HER WINE ! You can't sleep with money, like the old saying goes, Kris - the only person you will find is a GOLD DIGGER....

348 days ago


next ones to leave are kanye and scott....

348 days ago


Doesn't surprise me... I used to see him at Starbucks in Calabasas all the time.. He was incredibly nice to everyone.. No celebrity BS.

348 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

That's good - they're both professional athletes who got caught up in the Chris what's her name black entertainment hole.

348 days ago

tina quenette    

I think bruce being there is just what lamar needs to get back on track and I hope paparazzi can stay off there back while lamar odom recovers from his setback this is a good thing pullin for ya lamar!

348 days ago


It is nice to see both Bruce & Lamar stepping out of this Kardash mess. I think they have both been shamed in the on going mess of this family. I am not putting Khole down, but there is a place and time for stupidity.

348 days ago


What does Bruce say about Lamar cheating on Khloe with five different women?? I think his loyalty should be with his "daughter" and not the cheating drug addict husband.

348 days ago


I think its great that Bruce is helping Lamar. Lamar needs someone who is underdtanding and who generally cares about him. I think Rob should also spend more time with Bruce. Living your life in front of cameras is not a healthy thing to do. It ruins so many lives but some people love the money too much to stop and realize how it eventually isnt worth it. All the women in this family are fame whores even the 2 little ones are working their way to that skanky status and Bruce should really start to save his 2 little ones before they become Kim and cant function without being in the media. Lamar I wish you the best on staying clean remember you have children who need their father as much as their mother. Dont let them see you destroy the man you are. Bruce you are a great man and dont let anyone tell you different and im so happy that you and your sons are finally having a good relationship. Its never too late to make amends with people you truly love and care about. May god bless you.

348 days ago


this story of bruce and lamar being best buds is obviously a hoax and who but Kris would leak such B.S ? for we know, that every-time someone checks out anything about the kim kardashian on the internet tweets/facebook etc. they get royalties from some of the ad companies that the kardashians do business with..... they are all about money, not compassion ...that's kool

348 days ago


Of course he is clean he never had a drug problem. This story was leaked when khloe thought she looked like a fool because he cheated on her. She went crying to mommy and she leaked the story to trash him. Run Lamar these people don't have love for anybody!

348 days ago
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