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Rob Gronkowski

Mocks Asian Fan

Where's the Fried Rice?

11/12/2013 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski hasn't heard what's going on with Richie Incognito -- because he openly mocked an Asian fan over the weekend, calling the guy "Leslie Chow" ... and joking about fried rice.

Gronk was hosting a Q&A with fans in Foxborough, MA Sunday night at Bar Louie Restaurant when people started dancing ... including an Asian man sporting a Gronk jersey. 

The Pats star acted surprised, and said -- into a microphone for everyone to hear -- "They told me he could only cook fried rice!" Then Gronk one upped himself by calling the fan "Leslie Chow" ... Ken Jeong's character from "The Hangover."

At least one person in the group thought Gronk might have crossed a line -- because they immediately grabbed the mic and reminded the audience they all signed waivers agreeing to hand over ALL cell phone footage.

It's unclear if that was just a joke, but clearly this video survived -- and now we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


STFU TMZ, it was just joking this site is getting so pathetic. Ambulance chasing much

346 days ago


OMG this is getting to be ridiculous. Everyone is SO Politically Correct soon we will all communicate with hand gestures. Is it possible that certain things said get a pass in different social settings? This not at 9AM during a meeting at headquarters. This is at a bar with people drinking, and letting off some steam. LIGHTEN UP:)

346 days ago


Oh,so what.

346 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

TMZ why do you feel the need to try to label everyone and everything as racist or bullying. Its like the world has turned into a giant pu$$y. Everyones gotten way to political correct and prissy about everything. Wah my feelings hurt your a racist or a bully. wah wah wah. FCUK. grow some skin. Learn to take a joke and play with others. People are just getting way to butt hurt on little words and tiny non important thing. grow up people. Worry about real things like hey you know some 10,000 people died in the Philippines yesterday. Anyone upset about that? Or should we concentrate on fish hunts for racists and bullys.

346 days ago

Cool Papa    

Those Patriots TE's are such upstanding young men.

346 days ago


While I believe the joke was racially insensitive, let's not lump him in the same category as Incognito. Incognito threatened and harassed. Lied on the Glazer interview when he said Martin said he would kill his family, Martin sent a meme with a photo of a dog. Incognito lied, harassed, threatened and extorted Martin. 3 out of 4 are not only in poor taste but are illegal. period.

346 days ago


fawk tmz what a bunch of bad story tellers all you do is create drama out of thin air .. twisting a story again for hits and ratings , so old !

346 days ago


Most Asians really aren't that sensitive to racial remarks. They prove themselves in their success. They normally brush those kinds of remarks off because they know who they are. You're only sensitive to it if you fear it's true and have low self-esteem. Most Asians do not have low self-esteem. They do very well in the world.

346 days ago

liberal racist    

i don't bother reading the comments or post anymore because the right wingers took over this site as well.

346 days ago


the only one with a right to be offended is the fan, he is laughing his butt off and enjoying every minute of it so I think you all are going to far.

346 days ago


People are too overly sensitive anymore. Lighten up.

346 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    


346 days ago

ur mom    

the fan didnt seem to mind whats the big deal

346 days ago


So now we're pretending that Asians don't eat a lot of rice?

346 days ago

Kenneth stark    

Why can't someone make a joke without someone pulling the race card ?? It's just a JOKE !!! Ha ha ha ..

345 days ago
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