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Alec Baldwin's Daughter

My Dad is NOT a Homophobe!

11/17/2013 7:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Alec Baldwin's daughter says her dad was wrong for dropping an anti-gay slur this week on a camera guy in NYC ... but it still doesn't make the actor a homophobe.

Ireland Baldwin took to Twitter Saturday afternoon to speak out about the video we posted Thursday of Alec clearly calling a photog a "c**ksucking f*g" ... even though he claims to have said otherwise.

Ireland made her stance clear saying "my dad is far from a homophobe or racist" ... before putting the blame on paparazzi for getting in Alec's grill.

She adds, "Sometimes we let our tempers get the best of us.  Tempers are like wildfires. Something or someone can easily fuel the fire."

Ireland also says her dad isn't alone ... and everyone says things they don't mean.


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Wrong, when you are angry or drunk your real feelings come out. He is a homophobe of the worst order; the one who smiles to your face then says what he really feels when you walk away!

348 days ago


Saying one thing, the gay community way 2 sensitive

348 days ago


My gay friends call each other that word all the time! People are way too sensitive.

348 days ago

John George    

i'm a homophobe period! i think they should all be put to death or shot! there perverts by any means! butt buddies and lady crotch crawlers are the most disgusting thing in the world!

348 days ago


She is absolutely right. Everyone has said something they regret when they're angry. I'm not even a big Alec Baldwin fan and I am aware that he does not like the paps in his family's face he's made this painfully clear but the paps insist on jumping in his face pushing his buttons and searching for a reaction to only pretend to be clueless as to why hes upset. Had they respected his wishes he would have never lost his ish. People act like he was walking down the street and just started yelling homophobic slurs. He was clearly antagonized and reacted in poor taste but it happens hes human and prone to error as we all are. Furthermore is the pap dude even gay? Cause if he is not this all bullcrap.

348 days ago


More importantly, she has her daddys face 0.0

348 days ago


People keep giving this guy the benefit of the doubt and then he goes off on another rant and degrades gay people with gay slurs. He IS a homophobe but refuses to accept that fact and his own actions. He's a celebrity for Godssakes, if he doesn't want photographers following his every move then he should step out of the acting business.

348 days ago

Big Daddy    

Now now Piggy Piggy...

348 days ago


He is an anti-gay person of the worst kind.. One that pretends he's pro-gay rights when secretly he despises gay folks. Sorry, but I would NEVER use the F word -- even if I was irate.. just like I'd never use the N word.. Those two words (and a few others) are not in my vocabulary and even if I was SUPER mad.. I wouldn't utter them..


I respect people who admit they don't believe in homosexual marriage WAY more than I would ever respect someone who is a fraud like Alec..


By the way, I am an independent voter -- and vote for both political parties. although I vote Republican about 75% of the time... but yes, this Republican voter is 100% pro-gay rights and I would never, ever, ever use the F word or the N word...


Alec always talks about Republicans being stupid, bigots, etc.... he should look in the mirror..

348 days ago

Too bad she didn't inherit her mom's looks

348 days ago


Listen up you rude thoughtless pig, if we wanted your opinion on your dad we would beat it out of you.

348 days ago


Jeez,why are they harassing this guy,just leave him alone,he doesnt want to be bothered,he just wants to go for a walk with his family. Why don't you all(photogs) just f**k off.I dont blame him at all for getting pissed.

348 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Said the "little pig"... cos that's what Alec Baldwin, her father, called her on the phone, right?

348 days ago


Why isn't it called an anti-gay slur when a gay person talks like that?

Just because someone says what Alec said does not necessarily make them a homophobe!

348 days ago


kid, this guy is a horrible excuse for a human. several of the baldwin brothers make a habit of "saying horrible things" then back track and say they didnt mean it. I could care less if the gay community forgives him. I am offended as a HUMAN. this guy is a real a$$hole and frankly id love to never see his face on any publication or tv again.

348 days ago
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