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Charlie Sheen

Sex Tape Linked to Missing Witness

11/22/2013 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A man who was supposed to be a key witness in a major burglary case is missing ... and sources tell TMZ there's a direct link to a Charlie Sheen sex tape that was being secretly shopped.

As TMZ reported ... Ricardo Orozco is currently on trial for allegedly breaking into the home of Christina Fulton -- Nic Cage's baby mama -- and stealing computers and boxes of memorabilia, allegedly including nude photos of Nic Cage.

During the preliminary hearing Thursday, a detective testified that one of the items taken was a Charlie Sheen video that we're told was on one of the stolen computers.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... it's a sex tape.

Now here's the link between the sex tape and the missing man.  We're told Darwin Vela  --  the missing man -- along with Orozco, recently went to meet with Charlie's people, claiming they had a sex tape starring Charlie and wanted to sell it, but Vela and his people never produced the tape.

Vela is a key witness in the Ricardo Orozco burglary case and was supposed to testify in the preliminary hearing as early as today. 

Now get this.  On Tuesday, Vela took his dog Cocoa for a walk, and the Chocolate Lab returned home without him with human blood on its leash, trembling and whimpering.  Vela has not been seen since. 


And, TMZ was doing some digging yesterday, and we spoke with several men who have never proven to be fearful in the past  but literally were shaking in their boots when we talked to them about Orozco and the burglary.


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Retail Queen    

His dog came back trembling and wimpering? Maybe he was forced to watch the footage?

314 days ago

a horse with no name    

This is getting serious now. It was all fun and games.....but it couldn't be controlled. That is what out of control drug use can do to you. Could Charlie be involved in a murder WOW!

314 days ago


hope hes okay

314 days ago


Carlos Irwin Estévez is 48 years old man and every day there is some juvenile nonsense going on with him and his family…!!!!!!
never grew up, never had to…… society looks the other way and considers it norm…..oh the disproportion…setting a good example is not required and in fact too much to ask..

314 days ago


Yeah, I generally think the world is better off without thieves and extortionists, so I'm not going to cry a river for this s***bag. However, I am glad that the dog's okay.

314 days ago


Something about this story stinks. I don't believe it for a second. Blood on the leash? Literally shaking in their boots? Come on, this is Hardy Boys stuff.

314 days ago


Ewwww Nic & Charlie going @ it. I rather see Matt Bomer & Neil Patrick Harris Thank you!

314 days ago


Thief and blackmailer goes missing...and he was set to testify in the stolen comps case , so doesn't it make more sense that the other thief and blackmailer might be more of a suspect in his disappearance than Charlie?? LOL Criminals don't take kindly to one of their own snitching. Either way I'm not going to lose sleep over a couple of missing criminals. There is risk that comes with committing crimes.

314 days ago


we have lamar on one hand who has a disease,needs help, not harming anyone and trying to work through it…he may never have the opportunity to play again in the NBA because of all the negative press….then we have charlie sheen and alec baldwin (the two fools) on the other hand, go out looking for it, inconsiderate, (and alec is a homophobic racist pig), and yet they continue to work in hollywood…the press and everyone thinks they are cool and spontaneous, opportunities keep rolling in with support… lamar is nice to everyone, only hurting himself, yet he is the one tmz chose to destroy his career with continuing negative press…we all know all of tinseltown is on drugs, i would say what i really think, but read between the lines...guess its a pick and choose thing on how tmz reports on certain people and who we give second and third chances to….

314 days ago


314 days ago


Poor doggie.

314 days ago


I bet Ray Donovan knows what happened to him

314 days ago


With Charlie's long history of coke and booze abuse, the sex tape title should be "MicroSoft Forever."

314 days ago


umm so ole' Charlie made a gay sex tape. LOL

314 days ago


same story about dog and bloody leash on didn't know it was to chuck sheen

314 days ago
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