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P!nk & Carey Hart

Photog Sues Over Fight

He Called Me a Pedophile C**t

11/25/2013 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A photog has filed a lawsuit against P!nk and her husband Carey Hart in the wake of their nuclear brawl back in June ... claiming he was physically beaten and humiliated during the fight ... and even called a "pedophile."

Boris Issaei claims he was trying to snap P!nk while she was changing her daughter's diaper in a playground at the Malibu Country Mart... and P!nk's husband Carey snapped, saying, "You f***ing c*** ... You f***ing pedophile." P!nk allegedly added, "You're photographing my baby naked."

Boris says Carey's friend then went on the attack ... kicking him in the shin, stomping on his feet, and kneeing him in the groin. He claims his camera equipment was damaged during the melee.

Boris claims P!nk even added insult to injury, insisting Boris deserved the beating for his actions.

He's suing for assault and battery, and destruction of his camera equipment ... demanding unspecified damages.

We posted video of the altercation soon after it happened, showing Carey's friend attacking him. Cops were called to the scene, but no arrests were made.



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Get rid of all tabloid magazines—US, PEOPLE, etc.—and ban tabloid websites such as TMZ, then maybe these annoying bugs will go away.

295 days ago


I agree he shouldn't have been trying to take a pic of the baby while she was being changed. That is pretty creepy! If someone was trying to take a pic of my kid while they were exposed I probably would take after them too! Sure they are famous but paparazzi should have some boundaries that is way over the line.

295 days ago


So, he admits to trying to photograph the baby while being changed and that's ok, but Corey's not allowed to protect and defend his child's rights? Something wrong with the laws with have in place if this is allowed to happen. I would have smashed his gear too or demanded hid mem card. I hope a judge has the smarts to rip this guy a new one.

295 days ago


"kicking him in the shin, stomping on his feet, and kneeing him in the groin."
Sounds like he took lessons from Lil Biebs.

295 days ago


Photographer crossed a serious line. I don't give a crap if there are changing rooms in parks; this creepy photog needed a correction. Good for Carey in protecting his daughter from unnecessary BS. A mother has the right to nurse in public and attend to her child. End of discussion.

295 days ago


Seriously how was that a nuclear brawl?

295 days ago


I probably would have been in jail, cause if that fool was taking pictures of my kid, I would have done way more than stomp on his feet. I know they're celebrities, but there needs to be a line and so many of these dirt bag paparazzi wannabes are just weirdos with cameras.

295 days ago


Another case of overstepping their boundaries and they wonder why celebs hate them. OMG Really? You wanted to sell photographs of a diaper change? I'd call you a pervert too.

295 days ago


Usually I think that if you're a celeb in public then you have to accept a certain amount of publicity & pics as part of the job.

But photographing a stranger's naked child IS being a pedophile . Just because they're famous doesn't mean that there are no boundaries. This is creepy, sick, wrong & the photog deserved to be told off & physically removed if necessary like this. I cannot believe he has the nerve to sue them for protecting their baby! S***!

295 days ago


If you photograph a naked child in any capacity you deserved to be mud-stomped.

295 days ago


photog deserved it. seriously, you don't photograph a baby getting a diaper change.

295 days ago


Too bad it's not legal to shoot these paparazzi idiots.

295 days ago


Good man, protecting his family!

295 days ago


I dont blame him. I follow them both on Instagram and they are very private when it comes to their daughter. They always post pics of her from the back, where you never see her face to protect her privacy.

295 days ago


This is what all paparatzies deserve!!! GO PINK. U GOT HART!!! OMG I LOVE HER :)

295 days ago
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