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Lindsay Lohan

Coke and Alcohol Everywhere

At Beatdown Party

12/7/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cocaine and booze were in abundance at Lindsay Lohan's party where Barron Hilton was beaten to a pulp ... multiple sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say a number of people at the party were snorting and drinking non-stop. Sources connected with Lindsay insist she was NOT partaking and even threw some of the druggies out of the party.

Now check this out ... the video showing Barron confronting Lindsay was shot around 11AM EST Friday ... the party having started the night before.

TMZ broke the story Barron Hilton has filed a police report, claiming he was brutally assaulted. Sources connected to Hilton tell TMZ ... Hilton claims Lindsay instigated and masterminded the attack after he trash talked Lindsay to her supposed boyfriend.

So check out the video. We gotta ask ...


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She makes a mockery of the very hard work getting sober which many people have achieved!
Once again she's a real bad example.

289 days ago


If you attend a Lindsay Lohan party maybe you should be beaten to a pulp.

289 days ago


If there really were all the surges and alcohol at the party, as being reported, then she relapsed for sure. I'm sure it wasn't the first time either. You can't put an addict in a situation like that and expect them not to use. Especially someone that has hardly any clean time. That's like taking a fat guy to a buffet and telling them they can have only one small helping of one item.... ok, that was mean. But my point was made

289 days ago


i bet he jealous she not dating him

289 days ago


Lindsay did not beat that idiot up.. he probably was using coke himself like his sister does that's why they beat him up and kicked him out.. please people get over youselfs already. Lindsay Lohan is amazing and sober deal with it. So what she did drugs and used alcohol which celebrity or even human being didn't my neighbor is snorting right now.. get over it.

289 days ago


This piece of trash is obviously back to her old tricks. Getting her hangers-on to beat the **** of anyone who rube her the wrong way. She's a total biatch who will never change.

And, oh yeah, skank was high as a kite.

289 days ago


The CDC was called to the party after it was discovered that Linds had been trikin all night, eh?

An STI outbreak was barely contained! Go Crakho!

289 days ago


Quick someone call Oprah for another intervention...oh wait no one gives a ****.

289 days ago


LMAO!!! oh TMZ...this is the same video you posted yesterday saying it was directly after the fight, NOW you say the video is at 11.00AM on Friday morning , stop the drama queening, Lindsay is saying she didn't see anything and that Barron guy accepts what she is saying. Why is Barron Hilton or his friends not giving up the name or description of the guy who beat him up? what a little whinger he is, he was probably so drunk he insulted everyone there and got what he deserved. The Hiltons are a pack of self entitled brats.

289 days ago


All this does is confirm what a lying piece of crap she is, never WAS sober, never intended to be, she told everyone, Orca included, she was. She's been doing this for years, and now it's caught up to her nasty ass. Good.

289 days ago


I hope the follow-up to this thread will be "Lindsay Wanted for Questioning in Hilton Beatdown"

That'll really be loads of fun.

289 days ago


Lmao you guys must really hate Lindsay Lohan anytime 75% voted that she was indeed high. When you can't even tell because the cameras aren't even that close up her. I'm not even a Lindsay Lohan fan and from what I can tell she doesn't seem high at all. TMZ you must have no other stores to report because this story is just pathetic and really isn't news. Not like the police can do anything to Lindsay unless the person who attacked said she had something to do with it. So can you please report news that actually matters? Thanks

289 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has not changed or grown one bit since 2005. Her behavior is exactly the same and will never change until she is in jail or dead.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

289 days ago


I'm sick of people saying u can't go to. A party where people are doing drugs and not do them. Excuse me? I've been to plenty and not done ****! No I'm not a recovering addict but people are being too dramatic.

289 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

What did that guy get from Lohan for punching that goof a few times.

289 days ago
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