Lindsay Lohan Coke and Alcohol Everywhere At Beatdown Party

12/7/2013 12:40 AM PST

Lindsay Lohan -- Coke and Alcohol Everywhere at Beatdown Party


Cocaine and booze were in abundance at Lindsay Lohan's party where Barron Hilton was beaten to a pulp ... multiple sources tell TMZ.

Our sources say a number of people at the party were snorting and drinking non-stop. Sources connected with Lindsay insist she was NOT partaking and even threw some of the druggies out of the party.

Now check this out ... the video showing Barron confronting Lindsay was shot around 11AM EST Friday ... the party having started the night before.

TMZ broke the story Barron Hilton has filed a police report, claiming he was brutally assaulted. Sources connected to Hilton tell TMZ ... Hilton claims Lindsay instigated and masterminded the attack after he trash talked Lindsay to her supposed boyfriend.

So check out the video. We gotta ask ...