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Lindsay Lohan Party


12/9/2013 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0290_lindsay_lohan_barron_hilton_drug_photos_launchHere they are ... pics of the drug aftermath at Lindsay Lohan's mansion party in Miami ... showing two burned out joints and something that appears to be the remnants of a baggie of cocaine.

TMZ already reported there was coke and booze EVERYWHERE at the party before things got violent ... and now, we've got pics of the mansion taken after everyone left the scene.  

It's unclear who the drugs belonged to ... but Lindsay's camp insists the actress kept her nose clean the entire night ... and didn't booze either.

Still, Lindsay knows ... insane mansion parties in Miami aren't exactly bastions of sobriety ...  and Lohan (who's still on probation) knows she shouldn't have put herself in that situation in the first place.

In fact, we're told after the rager ... and subsequent fight ... we're told Lindsay scrambled to find a private jet to get her ass out of town ... calling several private jet owners hoping to call in a favor.

Eventually, she found a ride ... and in a pic obtained by TMZ, you can see Lindsay smiling on the plane ... as if she doesn't have a care in the world.



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Keep away from situations like that or you will be back in front of a judge. It is that simple.

318 days ago

The Zombie    

If that's evidence of a "drug party", my fantasies of California are ruined because I throw better "drug parties" than that.

318 days ago


Question: Why is it that whoever hangs out with Paris Hilton ends up eventually in a drug induced meltdown? Nicole , Brittany & Lindsay ! It seems the real problem just might be Paris. Kinda strange huh? Its a head scratcher people ?!?! Not really

318 days ago


How do I know she's on drugs and Adderall and booze? Her finger's in her mouth. It's so unsexy and she thinks it's totally sexy - which shows her delusions and denials are in full gear. And that means she's not just relapsing - she's thrown in the towel on sobriety. Now Lohan is fooling no one. (except her teenage Bolivian fans). Everyone in the industry knows she's completely off the wagon and off the rails. No one throws a party with tons of drugs and stays clean - no one goes to nightclub after nightclub during the week and stays clean - no one stays up the entire night until 11 am without the aid of drugs. She's back to being totally f*cked up. (Before she was secretly controlling her drug and booze intake - now she doesn't give a damn).

And those who believe that Lohan is clean are in the same denial she's in. They don't want to believe that after 6 rehabs and 9 mugshots that Lohan could possibly be so stupid as to be getting high and drunk again - because if it is true - then they are just as big a fool as Lindsay Lohan. If it's true then they are just as big a joke as Lohan is. So, her fans who believe she is sober have a stake in her being sober and will believe anything she says - just so they don't look like stupid, gullible sheep.

And when was the last time anyone saw Jenn Lawrence with her finger in her mouth? Or in a private jet for that matter - that's why the industry as well as the American public loves Jennifer Lawrence, she's not materialistic, she doesn't spend her money like a fool or use or steal from people - she's funny, decent, intelligent, honest, smart and superbly talented. Lohan on the other hand, shows America how to look like a jealous, lying, filthy, mean-a$$ drunken, untalented, face-punching, thieving tax-evader who thinks she looks sexy with overpriced handbags, fake hair extensions that stink and a filthy, smelly finger in her mouth that makes people nauseas. Who wants to see Lohan in a film? No one except her gullible Bolivian teenie boppers. Certainly no one in the Film Industry - which was waiting to see if she was serious about getting sober. And it's clear she's not. Oprah was her very, very, very last chance for a career in film.

Lindsay Lohan is already homeless and it will be very soon that she'll be completely broke and having sex for money. Lohan is the definition of pathetic.

318 days ago

Black Adam    

Where is she getting money from !?

318 days ago


What is wrong with people? What will make the public happy? Lets poke away and people that are clearly sick. Lets poke and poke away like people did to Anna Nicole and she eventually died. This world is so cruel with words and trying to hate. Bullying in high gear!

317 days ago


If she wants rondo coke and smoke bud let her do ain't effecting you in any way

317 days ago


Right on time the Lohan Proof that Lindsay wasn't even there or involved or stole it or drive it or hell lost count how many times they have " PRoved " she is innocent....
The pattern never changes time after time after time......
and the trolls all over the story the instant it is released ...Like they knew when to go to defending deflecting and damaging the victim.........
same old same old Lohan Inc..spin and cover.....
Just and old and used up and worthless as she is.....

Wonder who she is going have to screw to pay for the plane...another half a dozen Arabs at one time at a New Years Eve Gang bang party...?

317 days ago


finally, her last saving grace, PRISON

317 days ago

Suzy Q     

On Dr. Drew, the Enabler of the Stars and his "panel" of big haired idiots were blaming Barron for his own attack, claiming that they would beat him up too if he wouldn't leave their house, and claiming they believe Lindsay 100% and that she woke up and found a big drug/alcohol party (she was not aware of) and so she texted MiLO to come and get her out of it.

Hero MiLo immediately called for an emergency gaggle of unemployed bodyguards at 3:30 am who dashed over to the party to get poor Lindsay out of the house.

Of course, she was no where near the fight.

Does anyone wonder why "celebrities" flock to ol' Dr. Drew for "help"?

He apparently has no idea that Lindsay is a lying addict. What a quack.

MiLo was his usual. Spinning like a top.

317 days ago


She isn't gonna get the message till she is behind bars. She doesn't get it.

317 days ago


How old is she ??? O K WHY ARE WE ALL IN HER LIFE ??? keep your nose on your face and out of there people's **** !!

317 days ago


Who in their right mind would have a party in Miami of all places right after going through rehab???!!! Even being around that stuff even if she didn't do it should put her in jail. I hope this site is passed on to authorities. She needs to just move to a state and live in the middle of nowhere. Where is her sober coach anyway??

317 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

There they are

317 days ago


So that's the story Milo is going with...featuring Milo as the Hero riding to his darling innocent daughters rescue by in bodyguards to get her out of the mess she was hosting.....but really trying to say she was asleep with a house full of rager's is pushing the envelope a little to far.....LOL....And using his old pal Dr Dumb Dumb and his panel of idiots to sell his story.......
Now we know were she gets her imagination from....

317 days ago
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