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Amanda Bynes

Gasoline-Soaked Pooch

In a Better Place

12/12/2013 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Good news dog lovers -- Amanda Bynes' canine (the one she accidentally soaked in gasoline back in July while setting a neighbor's driveway on fire) has been placed in a new home ... far, far away from Amanda and flammables.

Sources close to the Bynes family tell us, Sherbert was taken away from Amanda after she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold in the summer.

While she was in rehab, we're told Amanda's parents cared for Sherbert ... but have since given him away to a family friend because Sherbert didn't get along with the Bynes family's other dogs. 

Sad for Amanda ... as we reported, the actress desperately loved the dog and begged to see Sherbert while she was getting inpatient treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Safe to say, lil Sherb survived some dark days -- here's that video of Amanda rushing to a nearby liquor store to clean him after the near-charring. 



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TMZ is even stalking doggies

313 days ago


Thats traumatic, so the dog she wanted to see was given away?? Sick selfish old money grubbing parents. Hope she gets her life together and gets away from them. Poor girl.

313 days ago


That is kind of sad that she couldn't see her dog while getting medical treatment.

313 days ago


As a pet owner, I would hate it if someone I trusted to care for my dog gave him away. Also, as a pet owner, I would hate to be trusted with the care of someones dog only for that dog to stress out my dog. The parents were really in a no win situation.

313 days ago

jedd wilson    

could this be the slowest newsday ever?isnt paul walker still dead?where did lindsay smoke her crack last night?stay tuned,same bat time same bat channel.

312 days ago


My dogs keep me sane

312 days ago


Pets are better best friends you can talk to them and at least they listen, pets are more trusting and theres no drama or using people like crazy humans

312 days ago


anyone who supports tmz has no class what so ever no matter how rich you are. anyone who enjoys the downfall of people on this website are trash

312 days ago


that seems cruel and heartless and hell even illegal. So they stole her dog and dumped it. yeah.. thats going to be great for her psychy...

312 days ago


You know, I have been a fan of TMZ for a while, always found the stories entertaining with a good sense of humour. But with the non-stop unneccessary coverage of Paul Walker's death and Amanda guys have gone downhill, way below the point of low taste.

Stalking Paul Walker's family picking out a grave site?? Stalking Amanda Bynes after she just got out of a psychiatric hospital and making restraint jokes about it??? This is just repulsive, and not fun or funny in any sort and its completely unneeded information. Do you really think its BREAKING NEWS that Paul Walker's family is grieving?? Do you really think it is BREAKING NEWS that Amanda Byne's is still struggling with a mental illness??

Paul Walker died, it was a sad story, cover the original story, wish the best for his family and leave them alone. Amanda Bynes was acting goofy, she has been diagnosed with a mental condition. Wish her well and apologize for all the jokes that were made prior to her diagnosis.

But then again, that would be called a high road, I think TMZ is now to far down in the valley to ever find the high road again.

Think its about time I stop coming to this website. Nothing is fun, or funny any more.

312 days ago


1 response00wt?!9 Minutes Agor all of u people ****in' crazy?! SHE! LIT! THE! DOG! ON! FIRE!!!! accident? mental illness? who gives a ****?! didn't look like she was "rushing" ANYWHERE to get help for a helpless animal that had no choice but to trust his/her human...

312 days ago


Stop stalking that girl! She's no longer in the business and she's trying to recover from a serious illness. Show her some respect.

312 days ago

She's baaaack    

Leave that woman the fvck alone. She hasn't put herself out there yet so why are you trying to fvck her over? When she turns into LIndsay, Kim or one of those worthless fame whores and puts herself up for ridicule then have at it, but as it is she was and is still one sick woman so give it a rest.

312 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone, she should be able to recover in private without have to hide out to try and avoid the paparazzi.

312 days ago



312 days ago
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