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'SNL' Hopeful

Secret Black Women Audition Was Just a

Publicity Stunt

12/13/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Saturday Night Live's secret audition to find an African-American female was total BS -- at least according to one actress who tried out, but thinks it was only thrown together to quiet SNL's critics ... not to find a new cast member.

Comedian Tiffany Haddish tells TMZ the Dec. 2 talent search at The Groundlings Theatre in L.A. felt like it was a dog and pony show, partially because executive producer Lorne Michaels wasn't there -- and he's known to attend most auditions.

Other sources at the try-out tell us it seemed too conveniently timed -- coming on the heels of current cast members Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson publicly blasting 'SNL' producers for not hiring a Black female. 

The Secret SNL Audition

  • PR Stunt
  • Legit
Jay even named names -- claiming 'SNL' producers blew off actress Darmirra Brunson after agreeing to give her a shot. Interestingly, Darmirra was at the L.A. audition.

If 'SNL' found the right chick ... they're not saying yet -- but Tiffany thinks "they already know who they want ... they're just wasting all these black women's time and gas money."

So, we gotta ask ...


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Cool Papa    

There hasn't been a funny black girl on that show since Eddie Murphy.

133 days ago


Lorne Michaels doesn't care about black people

133 days ago


Of course it's a publicity stunt. Lorne Michaels knows who's hot and who's not in the world of comedy and doesn't need to hold auditions--More like phone-up the ladies' agents that he's interested in. What's sad is that there's a big chance that the chosen comedian's talent will be over-shadowed by the stigma of SNL being pressured to choose someone. If their comedy skits call for a Black female, it's a big wonder why Lorne hadn't already included that factor into the past and current selection process. He should feel embarrassed that in 2013 he couldn't be inclusive on his own and had to be "forced" into hiring the Black comedian that his show actually required.

Wait till Lorne retires or dies and his eulogy will tout that he was instrumental in turning the tides of SNL by hiring a Black female comedian. That fake grab at pseudo honor couldn't be farther from the truth.

133 days ago


its about demographic.snl has a majority white do not see a ton of white people hosting BET shows.for that gonna cry racism

133 days ago


I've actually tried getting an audition with snl I never successed but I know a few who's audition and they said Loren Michaels is at every audition hand picking talent. ..

133 days ago


She just mad she didn't get the job!

133 days ago


Maybe there just aren't any black women that have auditioned that have the type of talent for their needs. It would be difficult for anyone to imply that Lorne Michales or SNL are racist, since the show has had many black men over the years. Americans are so judgmental, even though 76 percent of them call themselves Christians, and are not supposed to judge.

133 days ago


Seriously, Tiffany Haddish, you are bitching your way right out of the industy. Who would want to hire you after this display? You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that's for sure. Maybe that's your problem; maybe they want talent and cooperation, as opposed to slander and insulting speculation.

133 days ago

Keyser Söze    

If Michaels and NBC were serious about this, it would have been done a lot time ago.

Sadly, it is easier for them to put a black man in a dress.

133 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

I'm so tired of this. You want to be equal, okay, let's be equal. How many Irish do they have this year? Italians? Greeks? Latino or Hispanics? Asians? Albanians? You get my drift? Just because people have lighter skin doesn't mean they are all lumped into "white." Unless it benefits you, that is. Right? I find it kind of hard to believe, with SNL being the mediocre show it is these days, if they discovered a really stellar talent they'd toss it because the talented person was brown or black. Get over it.

133 days ago

tgrfan42069 better hire a black person even if they have no talent... if you refuse to hire me cause my race then you are racist..but if you choose to hire me based on my race all is at people wanting to be hired based on race alone.what a bunch of losers

133 days ago


They dont have any Asians either. Im pretty sure. They could hire a black woman but what would she do? I cant think of a femake equivakent of Al Sharpton and that crew or black athletes. They can put a guy in a dfess but theyre not goibg to dress some black chick up like Le Bron James. Good luck working at Walmart, Tiffany.

133 days ago


I, for one, do not understand why they don't have a black woman on SNL every year. Black women are so funny...maybe it will help SNL not be so LAME and UNFUNNY, as well.

133 days ago


They couldn't get Debra Wilson??? Wanda Sykes??? Monique??? SNL can miss me with that, they wait until their two black male comedians to put them on blast about their lack of diversity to hire black female comedian??? They ain't slick!

133 days ago


Lorne Michaels is just another Lib that doesn't want the Blacks to leave the Plantation.

There are no bigger racist than the Libs/Progressives in this country.

133 days ago
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