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'Duck Dynasty' Wife

That's NOT My Naked Body For Sale!

12/20/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1219-korie-robertson-duck-dynasty-nudeA photo allegedly showing "Duck Dynasty" star Korie Robertson duck naked is being shopped around to media outlets ...  but TMZ has learned it's a TOTAL FAKE!
The photo on the left (below) shows a woman who looks like Korie standing in front of a hotel room door in her birthday suit -- her hotness is up for debate, but one thing is not open for debate ... the fact that the pic has been Photoshopped.

Here's what we've determined. 

--  Korie's face was superimposed on someone else's body. 

--  We found the original photo, which depicts another woman who has similar body features but a very different face (for privacy reasons, we've blurred her punim). 

-- One interesting thing ... both women have a similar and peculiar V-shaped collarbone.

Bottom line ... it's pretty clear someone's so pissed at Phil over his anti-gay comments ... they want to drag his son's wife through the mud.



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Dead account Delete at will    

well thats lame TMZ. you say the face is diff but thats all you blur the rest looks the same. your taking away the one thing that shows its not her.
Looks just like her to me. Unless you show the rest

309 days ago


Okay, now this is funny. "It's not her, they put her head on a different body. We have proof! *Blurs out face* See, not her." You didn't think this one through.

309 days ago


Korie Robertson doesn't wear a wedding ring, she has her husbands first initial tattooed instead. The body used is wearing a ring ...Total fake.

309 days ago

Yurra Knutz    


309 days ago


If you want to find the original uncensored picture, do a Google search of the blurred photo. Chrome browser has the image search built in. Just right click on the photo, then left click on the option to" google search the image" and can see the other woman's face as well as some wacky looking implants.

309 days ago


That proves how these things work to me. It's ok to complain/b!tch/slander as long as it for "MY" cause.

309 days ago


This is as about as low as you can go.
It's one thing to attack Phil but to bring another member of his family into this cluster F*&k is disgusting.

309 days ago


What does that mean, fake shaved boobs and fake shaved vagina on pic #1 ??

309 days ago

BB not bb    

It was probably leaked by the Illuminati. They probably decided it was time to pull the plug on Duck Dynasty. They can't have Christians getting too popular. Look at what happened to Paul Walker.

You can tell it isn't her by the hips. The hips are just too wide. I saw her sitting in a chair yesterday on the 700 Club and she looked like she had a very slender frame. I also can't picture her posing in a picture like that from what I saw of her personality.

The Illuminati wants to take down Duck Dynasty one way or another. They first come out with this gay bashing set up interview that makes them hopefully turn on their father, and when that doesn't work, they try to make one of the daughters look like she stands around nude smiling at cameras.

The only thing trashier than white trash are these Illuminati Nazis. They can go to hell.

309 days ago


"blurred her punim" I had to look that's yiddish for face...WTF is the agenda here?

309 days ago


Funny it just surfaces now....u can tell its not her.Pathetic someone goes to this extent.She has children who also need to be thought about.Smh

309 days ago


This is what happens when you piss off the activist gay community in this country. Nothing's off limits.

309 days ago


Fake nudes of celebs.. As if that has never happened before.

309 days ago


She's a two-bagger.

309 days ago


If you know it is not her, then why post the picture....shameful! Looks like you are trying to do something while blaming it on someone else.

309 days ago
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