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Christian Country Band

'Duck Dynasty' Haters May Riot

We Need Help!!!

12/21/2013 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1220-rhett-walker-phil-robertsonThe Rhett Walker Band is worried a full blown riot may break out this weekend at their concert in Ohio ... and it's all because one of the guys from "Duck Dynasty" will be there.

John Godwin from "DD" is scheduled to make an appearance Sunday at the Rhett Neck Xmas show in Lima -- and Rhett says they've been getting blasted on social media for it ... with some threatening to cause major ruckus.

However, Rhett makes it clear -- he's not gonna let some haters ruin his concert ... especially since the singer agrees with everything Phil said ... and he's vowing to make sure it goes off without a hitch to support the suspended reality star.

Walker adds, "We do support Duck Commander and 'Duck Dynasty' ... if that blows us into an area where people think we hate the gay community that would sadden me -- but we 100% support Phil and what he said."

The band says they are beefing up security at the event ... just to be safe.

Good idea.


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They won't do **** and they no it. They will get the ass beating of there lives poor gay guys

306 days ago


From their facebook page;
Rhett Walker Band:
1- There will be no riots
2- We never said their would be.
3- TMZ is a gossip news source that called us trying to make a story out of nothing.
4- We support Duck Commander and love their products and who they are
5- We do not judge, we love everyone
6- The show will go on

Sunday night Shawnee Alliance
4457 Shawnee Rd Lima, OH 45806

306 days ago


When tmzero get a story they hold on to it for dear life..

306 days ago


Hahaha this is two different brands of homophobia in one. Beautiful

306 days ago


Its Ohio, not Texas

306 days ago


Another stupid redneck.

306 days ago


Sometimes you gotta make a stand and be heard, if not we will lose this country and everything it stands for. So, raise up , stand up and cowboy up brothers

306 days ago

Mr. Pervect    

Some nobody band looking for attention by roping themselves to an anchor and jumping into the ocean with it.

306 days ago


I guess it's no coincidence that no one's ever heard of you. You owe TMZ a lot of money for even mentioning you no-name nothings.... trying to stir up ish and grab attention from the latest headline OTD. Losers!

306 days ago


It bothers me so much that the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and whatever else are out there can voice their rights, their opinions and cry out to be heard, then receive support for their decisions, but the moment a Christian speaks the TRUTH he is ridiculed relentlessly by every gay pride supporter in America,and is labeled a homophobe. As a fan of the show I am pissed that A&E has suspended Phil. As a Christian, and a citizen of this country I am disgusted in humanity, in the country which was founded on the belief "In God we Trust". I pray that this country changes before the end of days, if not may God have mercy on us all.

306 days ago

Angela Sanderson    

so the rednecks and christians are the ones spreading hate but it's the LGBT community that is threatening to riot... hmmm, doesn't look to good on who's part? excuse me but what kind of violence comes out at riots?

306 days ago


Why is i t that gays always think i f you r not for there life style , if you don't believe in same sex marriage. You must be a hater. Why can you have your own believes or opinions. Without having hate ? Phil never said anything about hate or that he hates all the gays and there life style. He only talked about what he believes from what he has read in the bible. That's where his believes come from. I just wish that the gays would stop thinking that if you don't like there life style you must hate them.I don't think hate should be used In this conversation. It's only one man's opinion. NOT HATE

306 days ago


Wow, I don't think so gays at your concert, be happy that the Duck guy is making an appearance! That should swell your crowd to about 50 ppl!

305 days ago



305 days ago


Rhett Walker, Phil Robertson and this entire group of self appointed judgmental supposed christians will go to hell for assuming a role that is god's and god's alone.

305 days ago
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