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'Big Brother' Star Aaryn Gries

Evander's Gay Rant Really Pissed Me Off!

1/7/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0106_aaron_gries_holyfield_gettyEvander Holyfield's rant against homosexuality pissed off the former "Big Brother" star who once cornered the market on homophobic comments -- Aaryn Gries ... who tells us the boxer is an idiot.

Gries may have called a gay guy "queer" -- and true enough she mocked African Americans and Asians -- but Aaryn says her comments pale in comparison to what Evander said on "Celebrity BB" ... claiming homosexuality is like a physical handicap which can be cured by a doctor.

Aaryn says, "I know I said mean things, but at least I'm not ignorant enough to think that homosexuality is treatable. Seeing homosexuality as a sickness is outdated."

Because mocking a black girl to incite a fight is much more current.


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She sounds like a real idiot, dumb skank

259 days ago


She's just trying to make him look worse than she is but does anyone even care about her anymore? At least he hasn't been hateful.. he's expressed his opinion and even if we don't agree with him opinion, he hasn't been rude or aggressive towards gay (or bisexual) people in the house.

259 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

She should not have said a word on this one. What a dumb bitch

259 days ago


when it comes to using certain words CONTEXT is everything. Evanders opinions are flat out offensive equating sexuality to disabilities and deviancies. Coming from a man who makes a living punching others in the head and possibly inflicting permanent brain damage!

259 days ago


umm I think she's needs to stay out of this one and mind her own business. After what she pulled on big bro she needs to stay in her lane and worry about her rep, she said much worse and should not want her name back in the news.

259 days ago


Aaryn Gries- 2 words....SHUT UP!!! SHE IS AN IDIOT! It is called religious beliefs. At least he isn't racist like you!

259 days ago


I'm stoned.

259 days ago


When you're talking talking about something being outdated, then you're talking about social fad not knowledge or truth. Truth is never outdated. People are embracing lies about homosexuality because they want to be in fashion and follow the modern herd over a cliff.

Evander was right. Homosexuality is abnormal. It is illogical. In the grand scheme of the species' drive for survival, homosexuality is unnecessary and makes no sense. Nature is very purposeful and organized and homosexuality doesn't neatly fit into the design. It is FORCED into the design. And those who pretend it's natural are following the latest fashion and are really the ignorant ones.

259 days ago


ATTENTION ANYONE WHO CARES WHAT EVANDER SAID: Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? Who cares? His opinion is one of BILLIONS. IT MEANS NOTHING!!!! No laws are going to change. Nobody is going to die. It will affect NOTHING!!!

259 days ago


God created homosexuality. I am tolerant of all of God's creations. However, I prefer not to participate in many of God's shena****ns.

259 days ago


Why is she even talking? I guess all those so called jobs she had lined up after BB didn't pan out so she has to come out from hiding to proclaim Evander gay comments is worst than her. it still won't get her a job, idiot. Evander's comments was coming from a non hateful place. Aaryn's comments were hateful. Does she not remember calling Candie Aunt Jemina?

259 days ago


BB15 = Worst season ``` ever!!!
15 minutes are UP for the WHOLE cast!

259 days ago


I went to high school with Aaryn Gries, I have to say a couple of things. Her so called"racist" comments, there is something called a joke I know everyone whether they would like to admit it or not have made a comment like such down the line it doesn't make you a racist is it right? No, not in the slightest but her getting torn apart for the comments she has made has been 1 blown out of proportion due to the scale in which she said them and 2 should I point out that tv always has to have a villain. The fact that people are speculating on Aaryn being a dumb racist are in fact just as bad if not worse for making comments or judgments rather on a person they saw on tv but have absolutely no knowledge of or before. Excuse me but when was the last time you watched something "real" on television.

259 days ago


She lacks self awareness.

You're speaking out when you are guilty of much the same, is what is ignorant Aaryn.

259 days ago


How Aaryn treated Candice on BB was sooooo mean, so ignorant.

259 days ago
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