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Arnold Schwarzenegger

200 Million Reasons to Stay Married to Maria

1/10/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0109-arnold-maria-tmzArnold Schwarzenegger has 2 very good reasons NOT to finalize his divorce ... and one has to do with writing a big fat check to Maria Shriver.

As you know ... Maria filed for divorce in July, 2011, after finding out her hubby had been banging the maid and produced a son.

Sources familiar with Arnold's situation tell TMZ ... there's no prenup so under California law it's pretty simple -- 50/50.  And our sources say there's no real issue over custody of their only minor child.

So why, you ask, has this divorce dragged on 2 1/2 years?  We're told Arnold doesn't want to write a gargantuan check to Maria ... and we know how much -- and it hurts.

Sources tell us their net worth is around $400 million.  We're told Arnold knows Maria is entitled to half -- but knowing it and watching around $200 million leave your bank account are 2 very different things.

As for the second reason Arnold's in no hurry ... we're told he's getting pretty serious with his girlfriend,   physical therapist Heather Milligan.  If Arnold gets divorced, the pressure's on for him to pop the question ... and Arnold's not necessarily a one woman kind of guy.

Just ask the maid.



No Avatar


Pay up Buttercup! What an a$$! He deserves all the crappy karma he gets!

286 days ago


i hope Maria takes him to the cleaners
he's obviously not a one woman kinda guy
or very fussy
ask the 'ugly' maid...

286 days ago


He looks like a homeless bum in the pic with his gf.

286 days ago


No offense to TMZ but you guys have been wrong on this story before. I think you have had several stories where you said that they were close to getting back together or they were close to settling there divorce . I mean make up your mind already.

286 days ago


I kinda hope the new chick gets knocked up too, and it costs him even more money. He deserves to end up broke.

286 days ago


We're told Arnold knows Maria is entitled to half --..................MARIA IS GOING TO HIM HARD

286 days ago


Hear me know and believe me later...

286 days ago


You know what, though? I'm ok with Maria getting half. Unlike 99% of celeb wives (cough, gold diggers, cough cough), she's a genuine person who had good intentions when she said 'I do,' and never mind she's been with the guy for...what? 25 years?

286 days ago


TMZ Stop being retarded. You said they're worth about $400 million and under California law Maria get's 50%. Then you say it hurts to have $200 million leave his bank account. They DON'T have $200 million in their d*mn account. They're worth includes all assets, which means houses, cars, investments, etc, so $200 million will NOT leave his account. She gets half of all assets, that means they just divide the damn assets equally. Yes she'll get half the money, but it won't be $200 million in cash, it's $200 million in cash AND assets! Why are you so retarded? Why do you rely on sensationalizing something? The truth is, MOST millionares worth are in their assets, NOT their actual bank account. He might have $1 million in the bank and $399 million in assets, or $10 million in the bank and $390 million in assets, so f*ck the f*ck off. You don't have his bank statement, so we have no idea how much cash she's getting until the settlement. I know you're a celebrity news site but stop being retarded.

286 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*    

In the picture above Arnold looks like he took a step or two backwards in the evolutionary scale.
You have to admit this neanderthal egomaniac is smarter than he looks .
Maria filed for divorce in 2011,it's now 2014 and he's still doing whatever he wants and stringing Maria along for the ride.
Maria needs to step it up or he's going to continue making her look like a D!CK-WHIPPED-halfwit with low-self-esteem...

286 days ago


dosen't arnold get half of her money? She's worth more than him.

286 days ago

John Galt    

If you have $400 million and your wife wants half, you still have $200 million. You ain't starving. But if you're making $40K a year, and your wife wants half, you might have to kill the bitch!

286 days ago


He came to crush women, to see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentations of them.
But seriously, i like this guy!
What happened to him is typical destiny of a man who was born to be a leader and a conqueror. One woman never can be enough for him and no woman on earth is fit to hold a candle to him. But the society is not ready for those leaders anymore and Arnold had to compromise a lot, which was not good for him!

286 days ago


Hike Arnoldwas governor he neither relieved pay or made movies-Maria had her own tv show...has made her fair share of money. Their combined net worth is 400 million-SH contributed to that number-he cheated on her and had a child. Under the law she gets half. What's to figure out?

286 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I'm shedding no tears for Ahnold.

286 days ago
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