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Justin Bieber


Even If He's a Felon

1/16/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber could go to prison for years -- very worst case scenario -- for his egg vandalism ... but he will NOT be deported to Canada.

There are stories circulating that the stakes are high for Bieber -- as in getting thrown out of the U.S.

Simply not true.  The law is clear.  In order to be deported for a crime, the offender must commit what is called an "aggravated" offense.  The law lists the various offenses, including:

-- possession of explosive materials or firearms
-- possession of child porn
-- illicit drug trafficking
-- alien smuggling
-- threats against the President
-- Sabotage or treason

Eggs are not on the list.

There is one catch-all -- crimes involving "moral turpitude."  But that's defined as crimes that shock the public conscience.  Egging just doesn't cut it.


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If he is convicted of a felony (longshot) his punishment will be the typical Hollywood wrist-tickle. However, he could find himself running into trouble when touring because some countries forbid people from entering if they have a felony conviction - any felony level conviction.

250 days ago

Mark Garcia    

Unless they find nudes on his phone, maybe of an underage fan !?


250 days ago


He has sabotaged his entire life, dosent that count for something.

250 days ago


Send him to prison. He'll get raped daily there.

250 days ago


Thanks for ruining my day TMZ. I should have known it was too good to be true.

250 days ago


Our State Department could choose to issue or not issue his non-immigration visa upon expiration. His visa could also be 'cancelled without prejudice' at any port of entry. The requirements for formal deportation may require egregious conditions, but there are many ways to skin a cat. Our State Department tap danced for years about whether to issue a visa to Yasser Arafat, and it was all based on BS politics of the era. Arafat even had pseudo-diplomatic options available, unlike this punk Canadian. In short....the kid is on thin ice.

250 days ago


It's really pathetic that you people click on articles that are about Justin just to say **** about him. If you don't like him don't spend so much time thinking about it.

250 days ago


Please don't send him back, we don't want him either.

250 days ago


Dang it all. I had such high hopes......

250 days ago


Too bad. I dislike this little punk more and more all the time.

250 days ago


Ok, so here's another question since my question on if he could be deported was answered. If the naked pics on his phone are of minor girls, could he then be deported? Could he be charged with other crimes if there are pics of naked underage people on his phone?

250 days ago


This bastard is so lucky!! In my country Colombia he was painting graffitti with policeman as a escorts!! And in my country graffitti is listed as vandalism, what a friggin inequality, in Your country youre a criminal To spray some art many kids had been killed By police about this actions:/, but " was Justin Bieber" money makes the diferente and also double standards!!:/

250 days ago

Steven Peacock    

THANK the Heavens Above!!!!!
Why?? Bieber wont be deported back to Canada.. YEAH!!! Thank You USA.. Because we Canadians DON'T want him back..
You guys made him who he is... and you can keep him there too.. Even when he goes to Prison for... anything he does now usually, that makes him think he is above the law;
He can stay and ROT in his own crazy corrupt, filth, because Canada has had enough corrupt Prime Ministers and Crack smoking Mayors, we don't need some rich spoiled drug crazed, thug brat, thinking he can get away with anything because he has money.
I say, The USA made him who he is.. and if the USA or states refuse to arrest him,and let him run rampant doing anything and everything illegal, when they know he's guilty.. Ya get what you reap..
I'd say BOYCOTT Bieber for good,and end his 15 minutes of fame now, before his head swells more than it already is.

250 days ago


His fan base is like 13 years old, he is worried about pictures on his phone...I'm betting he is worried about child porn.

250 days ago


So, can't deport, can't get him to figure out he's no good, won't stop seeing his shows, nothing. More than likely, if he's arrested and charged with some thing, they will just acquit him.

250 days ago
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