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I Should Never Have Done 'Bachelor'

And I Definitely Wouldn't Sleep with Him

1/20/2014 8:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former bachelorette Victoria Lima -- who was booted from "The Bachelor" last week -- tells TMZ, Juan Pablo's anti-gay comments are a HUGE turn-off ... so sleeping with him is out of the question.

Victoria tells us, "If I could do it again, I probably wouldn't go on the show with him being the Bachelor."

Victoria says if Juan Pablo asked her to sleep with him now ... she'd turn him down, and not just for the anti-gay comments.  She says he's coming off as kind of a jerk on the show -- a real turn-off.

As we reported, Juan Pablo told a reporter ... he doesn't believe there should be a gay "Bachelor" because gays are perverted influences on children. He later apologized, saying he was quoted out of context ... and his English was bad.

Victoria's NOT on board ... calling the comments "thoughtless and inconsiderate."

She adds, "We should all have the same opportunities when it comes to finding love. Why shouldn't we have a gay bachelor? This is the 21st century, people."



No Avatar


So what if the batchelor is gay.
Im a gay turkey ***ler and i would love his poophole.
i would have my 15 minutes of fame right now on camera
and be a gay ***ulor!

274 days ago


Interesting read, thanks TMZ.

Culturally and socially-appropriate, etc.

But you just CAN'T dump people after-the-fact.

It's still "as-if, sour_grapes and sore_loser."

Better to merely say U had a great time/experience.

...People'll respect you more.

274 days ago


GLADD, a terrorist group, has so much influence od s***ag liberal networks, that they force people like Juan to appologize or they'll kill them.... allegedly.
Shame on those immoral groups!

274 days ago


Except for the fact no one knows her from Adam.

This is like Charley Sheen coming out in support of Gays.

...even Gays don't care/don't want/don't need it...

274 days ago


wow she is turned off because he doesnt think a **** should be stuck in a dookie what a bitch.i say he lucked out by not picking her

274 days ago


She's just pissed that she got booted before she even made it to the rose ceremony. That's what she gets for acting like a dumb kid who can't handle herself on national television. She just wants her five minutes of fame!

274 days ago


A gay bachelor would change the whole premise of the show--- what would stop the contestants from falling in love with their competitors? There would have to be something very special about the spotlight bachelor in order to keep all eyes on him.

274 days ago


Sour grapes are best left on the vine sweetie.

274 days ago

arale norimaki    

From a guy that is dating 27 women at a time is a Hypocritical. The article forgot to mention that the state for FL attached to his earnings because he doesn't pay his child support. I guess that's a good example for kids in his eyes. there was a dating game on Bravo called Boy Meets Boy. Any Bachelor is bad for children. Gay or straight. If I had a kid I wouldn't let them watch this garbage. Bunch of sIu ts getting nak ed pretending they found true love in a three week long game. Nobody should watch that.

274 days ago


Let's talk about what a drunk mess you are. Girl you looked like a fool. Who goes on national TV and gets drunk. #drunkenmess #lovejuanpablo #lovetheshow #freedomofspeech

274 days ago

damienevil she has standards...uh huh

274 days ago


Even tho the show is fake, it is entertaining. I don't especially want a gay bachrlor either, what a creepy thought. My wife watches that show with Alyssa Milano and I get goosebumps from the creepiness of it, sometimes during dinner she has it on dvr, I have to eat in the other room.

274 days ago


I like the show, but wouldn't watch if it were about gays, sorry!! Victoria needs to come down off her high horse and realize she's not as beautiful as she thinks.

274 days ago


This from the girl who got smashed drunk and was humping the side of the pool? Hahahaha!

274 days ago


People who try to use the "this is the 21st Century" to validate things…it's been a 14 bad years. Those who say you're "on the wrong side of history" are fixated on "the wrong part of the anatomy."

274 days ago
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