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Justin Bieber

Cops May Have Fudged Police Report

1/24/2014 9:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There may be a gigantic hole in the case against Justin Bieber ... because we've now learned the singer had next to NO alcohol in his system yet cops at the scene said he reeked of alcohol.   

We have now confirmed Justin's actual blood alcohol level ... it was .014 -- next to nothing.  Legal intoxication is .08.  Law enforcement sources told TMZ Thursday Bieber had a .04 ...  but we've now confirmed that is NOT true.  He had a .014 -- an enormous difference.

Someone Justin's size would probably have higher than a .014 with a single beer.  So the question ... how could cops say they were overpowered by the smell of alcohol?

According to the police report ... the arresting officer was leaning into the car, talking to Justin just after the stop and the cop says, "I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol eminating [sic] from the driver's breath."

The police report goes on ... Justin was then arrested and taken to a holding facility, where another officer said he smelled "... the odor of an alc bev on his breath."

Justin insisted at the scene he was NOT drunk.  Cops say he failed his field sobriety test.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... this could well come down to a credibility case, with Justin's people accusing cops of lying.  Fact is ... the Miami Beach PD has had credibility issues in the past.  One law enforcement source confided in us ... "That police force has had a zillion problems."



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It doesn't matter if he had a .4 or a .04 or a .014 BAC. He is under 21 and is not legally able to drink alcohol in any amount. So, whether he was drunk or tipsy or just had a sip, he is breaking the law.

237 days ago


He's 19. The LEGAL drinking age is 21. His BAL should be zero.

237 days ago


clearly he was drunk... at a club... do you think he would look cool if he didnt drink?? oH YEAH IM GONNA PASS ON THE DRINKS BRAH AND LOOK LIKE A HIGH SCHOOL UNCOOL CHILD THAT I AM.. no way... it was bring the booze, the weed and the pills... a wanna be thug not drinking in a club with some hooker on his side??? yeah F-ing right.

237 days ago


Oh, here we go.

What about reckless endangerment for drag racing?

What about the weed in his system?

In the real word the fact that… you now, he was DRAG RACING would have been a reason to take him into custody and do a blood test.

237 days ago


Hopefully the case will stick so Bieber can get the substance abuse help he needs before he kills someone while driving intoxicated.

237 days ago


Classic case of the machine at work....

237 days ago


I smell a payoff...

237 days ago


I hate Bieber, but cops lying is surprising?? They lie routinely.

237 days ago


Are you all dumb? Nobody is saying he should get off! He admitted to the drugs(which he didnt even have to do) but this just proves that the Miami Police Department is corrupt!

237 days ago

@zac_nicholson on twitter    

I have a feeling Bieber paid them off!

237 days ago


Apparently we got some alcohol experts working for TMZ

237 days ago


.14 is almost double the legal limit. Come on TMZ! This misfit needs to be punished.

237 days ago


Please...if I was a designated driver and had a car full of drunk people...of course you are going to smell alcohol....The chick that was next to him...clearly was intoxicated and had pictures with drinks in her hand at the club...but yet Bieber had no pics of him with drinks in his is it possible the cop smelled alcohol but it wasn't coming from him?? Im not sticking up for this kid...but Miami/Dade Police Dept. has a very bad history of covering up things.....He just makes bad choices in life.....but he is 19 and what 19 yr old hasn't made bad choices......I just hope this was a wake up call for him...he needs a real man, not the kid that supposedly is his dad, to show him the way....

237 days ago


wow you switch sides dont you TMZ? you happy to mail celebs on flimsiest evidence when it suits you. Know you suddenly wanna turn on cops? whats really pathetic is youre puling that "SOURCE" nonsense. Which means youre making it up, we all know that. And to say the police force as had "a zillion problems" is just absolute exaggerated spin. No doubt later on youll be switching it back to being Biebers the villain.

237 days ago


Roy's Black Magic already at work. Naturally this fvck stick won't be punished.

237 days ago
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