Justin Bieber Shades of Michael Jackson

1/24/2014 8:20 AM PST

Justin Bieber -- Shades of Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber is suffering from the same delusion that Michael Jackson once embraced -- putting on a false air of confidence when behind the scenes their lives are falling apart.

You'll recall the scene with MJ back in 2004 ... after his arraignment on child molestation charges.  Michael famously jumped on his SUV and waived and smiled, trying to convince everyone things were ok.

Justin did the same thing Thursday as he left jail ... after being busted for DUI and resisting arrest.

As much as both of them protested ... Michael and Justin had the same Achilles' heel -- drugs.  Michael was hooked on a pharmacy of prescription drugs, and Justin has an enormous problem with sizzurp.

It didn't end well for Michael.  It's not too late for Justin.