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Gloria Gaynor

I'm Not Homophobic

Just Really Religious

1/25/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124-the-abbey-weho-instagramGloria Gaynor requested no shirtless men be in her line of sight during her performance at a gay bar Thursday night ... but not because she's homophobic -- her people say the singer is just deeply religious.

The "I Will Survive" singer took a trip to the Abbey in West Hollywood -- a gay mecca -- and performed her new song ... but the gig was delayed when Gaynor insisted managers remove all go-go dancers from the room.

The place is known for it's scantily clad men in speedos ... but Gloria's people say the 64-year-old diva was just protecting her image -- and it had nothing to do with the strong possibility the men were gay.

In fact, the rep says Gloria is an equal opportunity offender ... and makes an effort to never take pics with shirtless men OR provocatively dressed women.

Check out the picture at the Abbey.  You could make the argument it's kinda religious ....



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If she was protecting her image, what was she doing there in the first place?

241 days ago


If she's so religious, why is she performing at a gay bar? Did I read that correctly?

241 days ago


None of you haters have any idea what you're talking about and to the person who mentioned Gladys Knight (as she covered "I Will Survive" on her album, "Touch"), I seriously doubt she would want the same. When you have an artist of that cache and era performing in your club, you can't expect to have the same ambiance that you would with a drag show or a younger artist (save for Cher or Madonna...).

Also, if you knew anything about dance music, you'll know that Gloria had hit singles and albums several years before "I Will Survive" and after. In fact, she recorded a very popular version of "I Am What I Am" from "La Cage Aux Folies" (translation: the inspiration for "The Birdcage).

You young things have no understanding of gay history or music history or club history. It's all now-now-now-now-now and everyone is damn homophobe who doesn't hold up to YOUR standards.

Neither Gloria Gaynor or the late Donna Summer are or were homophobic. The majority of their fanbase was and is gay and they've gay colleagues and friends for DAYS...Recall, Donna Summer was falsely accused of equating AIDS to god's punishment for homosexuality when in fact she never made that statement and continued to perform for gay audiences and at AIDS benefits.

Women like Gloria, or Gladys, or Aretha or Diana are now almost or into their 70s. Sorry to burst your bubble but this isn't THE 70s and guys bouncing around in speedos topless is a pretty tacky backdrop for a classy performance...

241 days ago


What a weird story. She's really religious but had no problem performing at a gay bar?

241 days ago


Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality. So don't you dare blame God for your hate.

241 days ago


If she feels this way then why perform in a gay bar? Maybe she should stay at a church or something?! So ridiculous!

241 days ago


You're a moron. You don't have to be religious to have morals.

241 days ago


As well as battered women & Many other groups. Heck, u were recently interviewed with a Holocaust survivor ... Where u OK with being there with her? Makes me question u ... Why would u take a gig @The Abbey unless u just wanted the money and not feel the pain? If u were against it u should've never have booked it. Money hungry much?

241 days ago


if she's "so deeply religious"... why on earth.. was she performing in a well known gay bar.. it's a sin to be gay.. but it's okay if they are paying her to be there? is that what it is...

241 days ago


There is ni comparison, Grace Jones is like a Universe while Golria Gaynor is a lonely planet. That woman should be grateful she is booked and fed by gay fans. She is not new to performing at Gay Clubs, saw her years ago and wasn't impressed, now, to make this comments, she's either Crazy or Senile. Looks like she hasn't noticed Jesus is not wearing a Sports Coat on her cruxifixes. Am sure after this incident she won't be booked at many gay clubs, back to beans and cornbread.

241 days ago


You're at a guy club where the men are known to keep their shirts on. Bitch, have several _/ _/ _/ _/ seats. That's the same as saying I don't like you, but I'll take your money.

241 days ago


That's rude of her - u dnt go into someone else's "home" or place of work and tell them how to dress or how to act. It's. Disrespectful. To. Say. The. Least.

241 days ago


The club is known for go-go dancers in speedos. She agreed to perform there... So why didn't she specify the go-go dancers not be there when she agreed to the gig?

241 days ago

Vic Creed    

Any real person of God would not be performing secular music in a gay bar period end of story.

241 days ago

Sharon Sparrow    

You ignorant haters. Stop the crap. First off, no artist that goes there to perform one song GETS PAID. She did it ONLY to introduce her new single to her fans. If she waited to get paid for a gig like that she would be homeless.

241 days ago
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