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Justin Bieber

My Kitchen Is Drug Central [PHOTOS]

1/26/2014 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's been well-stocked on weed for a year -- and there's picture proof.

TMZ has obtained multiple photos of Justin's kitchen taken at the beginning of 2013 ... when Bieber was 18.

The photos show an elaborate weed set-up -- including a bong, a substantial amount of weed, and other paraphernalia.

TMZ published photos of Bieber holding a blunt in January 2013 ... the first pics ever of the singer toking what appeared to be weed.

The kitchen seems to be drug central ... Bieber's pal Khalil recently posted the pic of himself in the singer's kitchen, holding a styrofoam cup -- a marker of lean ... the drug we know Bieber's been seriously abusing for at least a year.

And of course, there's the infamous smoke room in the mansion.


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Eww...I don't even like drinking after others let alone probably hundreds if not thousand by not salivating on the same bong. Ew, ew, ew. And also usually people under the influence do stupid things like have sex with someone who's skanky. Triple eww!

235 days ago

Victor Newman    


235 days ago


Another reason to never try drugs, no one knows who can casually us and who becomes addicted. I already have a macaron cookie addiction (thank you gossip girl for showing me the most fabulous cookies on the planet!). Anyone living in NYC, macaron cafe has the best ones, they even ship nationally). So to get off topic, was just enjoying and they really are so good!

235 days ago


Tell me it isn't so! How dare this wealthy pop star, albeit brat, have parties in his own home with a buffet of weed in his kitchen! The auduacity of him to enjoy his success and party with weed. Coke, heroin, or pills, sure! But not that horrible green sticky that is becoming legal in more places almost every day! ...pfft, TMZ, suck it!

235 days ago


You forgot to give photo credit to Selina Gomez

235 days ago


The weed is no big deal. Almost every singer and actor smokes weed. It's harmless. The codeine and prescription drugs are the problem. Those will make you whacky.

235 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Where the substantial amount of weed at?

235 days ago


Just thot this kid would be different!!!

235 days ago


Are people seriously serious about Justin Bieber? I am a 33 year old, with an executive position. I am pretty boring these days. However, does no one remember college? Ages 18-22, I partied day and night, skipped classes, hooked up with as many girls as I could and drank and smoked weed as much as I could. I finished with a 3.45 GPA and have a great job. This is what kids do. The media perpetuates Bieber's behavior like it is awful. Most 20-somethings act like this. TMZ and other outlets just need to pay their employees and make big deals out of nothings. I can't name one Bieber song, but I definitely remember drinking before attending classes in college. Let the kid live, learn and grow. Angelina Jolie was exactly the same and she turned into Mother Theresa Squared as an adult. Everyone calm the balls down. Geeeezus.

235 days ago


This kid is doing the same **** I did as a 15 year old and he's doing better than I am. I'll give real concern when he starts seizuring from sizzurp.

235 days ago


ROCK ON Bieber

235 days ago

belieber forever.    

OMG stop making it a big deal!!! everyone makes mistakes

235 days ago


O please its just marijuana.

235 days ago


And to be honest I hope he dies from the perscription drugs.

235 days ago


if you call that a SUBSTANTIAL amount of weed you're nuts.......

235 days ago
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