Proactiv to Justin Bieber Clean Up Your Act ... And Your Face

1/27/2014 12:45 AM PST

Justin Bieber will never get a sweet deal with Proactiv again if he keeps screwing up ... but even if Justin turns into a choir boy, he's gotta 86 those pimples.

It's hard to miss the zits on Bieber's face in the now famous mug ... pretty ironic, considering Bieber was a spokesperson for Proactiv in 2012.

Proactiv co-creator Dr. Kathy Fields tells us, she's seen the mugshot and it's clear Justin's stress is causing him to break out ... so they're gonna send him some Proactiv+ and X-Out to help get him back on track.

As for him getting a full-on spokesman deal again ... Fields says they look for people who are in "the right state to help others and right now Justin needs to get himself healthy."

That and some intensive psychotherapy.