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Justin Bieber

Miami Beach Cops

Subpoena TMZ 'Drag Racing' Video

1/29/2014 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miami Beach cops have subpoenaed video TMZ posted which they believe might show Justin Bieber was drag racing, but it seems the cops are barking up the wrong tree.

The subpoena seeks "All videos related to the drag racing incident involving Justin Bieber on January 23, 2014 on Miami Beach, Florida."

Here's the problem.  The videos we posted do NOT show a drag race on Pine Tree Street ... as the cops described in their police report.

Furthermore, our videos -- all shot before Justin and Khalil turned onto Pine Tree -- do NOT show them drag racing at any point.

One video (above) shows Justin leaving the club in his rented yellow Lambo, revving the engine and leaving quickly ...  but Khalil and his red Ferrari are nowhere in sight. 

TMZ broke the story ... the GPS device on the Lambo shows one of the cars clocked at a maximum speed of 52 MPH and the other 47 MPH ... and that was only as they left the club.  Both drivers slowed down and in the middle of the alleged drag race they were actually traveling BELOW the speed limit -- 27 MPH.

The other 2 videos show the Lambo at a stand still -- In one he's sitting in the car outside the club as fans come up to speak with him.  In the other, Justin's already been pulled over.

We're assuming cops want our video to help justify the traffic stop ... which is interesting.



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The Miami mayor is shady. I'd start with him first. Heard the only way to do business with him is under the table with cash. His Royal Caribbean business is shady as well, violating tons of U.S. regulations but flying a foreign flag.

237 days ago


beeber is guilty!

(of being young, talented and smart with his munny )

jealous, anyone??

237 days ago


Perhaps the cops should watch the Paul Walker video to see what racing on public streets really looks like.

237 days ago


Correct, the first video above does NOT show Beiber drag racing, but it does show him going over the speed limit and speeding when out of sight of the camera. Follow the sound of the engine.

237 days ago


Those cops lied and are trying to cover themselves. This is not the first time they have made claims of drivers they stopped that were false; there is police corruption in Miami period. Justin Bieber is the victim here both in the media and Miami

237 days ago


Ohhhhh, TMZ, which one of your * Journalist* will be Lil Za ?

237 days ago

Mr Rod    

Cops always lie to fill their quotas. In many cases, they are the ones who should be thrown in jail!

237 days ago


Florida ducks

237 days ago


Well that's what happens when you play with fire... you end up on the receiving end of a subpoena!!!

236 days ago


He's 19. He was drinking. I don't care what his blood alcohol was, it is illegal for 19 year olds to drink. And, he an ass.

236 days ago


Bieber blows a .01, and the Khalil boy blows a .00, and they were arrested for drunk driving. F--- the police!!!!!!

236 days ago


Evidence of police hate crime exclusive from florida. Now what mr.mayor? !

236 days ago


1. He is charged with DUI, not drinking and driving. He was at 70% of the legal limit for kiddies and drinking. He admitted to drinking, and drugs, and he failed the field checks. They have all the elements of DUI, to win in court.
2. He was driving without a valid license.
3. He was revving up a car just as fast and furious as Paul Walkers death machine, and he was in a stupor, much like his mug shot and court appearance.
4. The guy with Xanax in a baggie, who had a prescription, is a glowing example of how Xanax is distributed to others.
5. TMZ reported, not the cops, that people were blocking off the road. Is TMZ retracting that?
6. It is against the law to drink at his age, get into a very fast car, or any car, and drive. If he was not being stupid, he would not have had a problem, but the fact is, he had no license, he admitted to drugs, and alcohol. He should not have been driving, he should have had one of his bodyguards do it.

The problem is that the jails in Florida are not so clogged up as they are in California....they got space for him, unlike Lohan

Lastly, TMZ should hit refresh and realize he is not charged before the court with either drag racing or of yet.

236 days ago


Digital videos capture a whole lot of information. Maybe they aren't looking at what you think they're looking at.

236 days ago


I'm assuming the cops want your footage so they can deconstruct it, any arguments the defense may make based on it, and negate its authenticity and thus its admissibility. This is a post Rodney King and post 9/11 America, there are cameras in cop cars, overhead, and drones everywhere. They do not need TMZ's evidence to bolster their arguments. but go ahead, stroke your own ego.

236 days ago
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