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Tongues Out with Miley

What, Me Old???

1/29/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Refusing to age with even a hint of grace, 55-year-old Madonna clung desperately to her youth on stage last night with Miley Cyrus ... like a narcissistic mother trying to be hotter than her daughter.

It's just ... painful.

Madonna and Miley (who's 21 by the way) hit the stage together last night in cowboy get-ups for Miley's "MTV Unplugged" show in Hollywood ... but it felt more like a TLC special.

It's just the latest in Madonna's "I'm still hip" campaign -- in 2012, she named her tour "MDNA" an obvious play on MDMA ... and even once asked a crowd if they'd "seen Molly" ... a sad out-of-the-loop reference to the same drug.

Oh yeah, and a couple weeks ago she referred to her white son as "dis n**ga." Good lord.



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The funny part is Madonna still looks way hotter than Miley! Sadly Miley was a cute kid who grew up to be quite plain so has to try and do all this outrageous crap to try and hide it.

268 days ago


take me around the world miley

268 days ago


Madonna, please age gracefully. You look like a twit

268 days ago


It's very apparent that one of the TMZ staff dislikes and has it in for Madonna. Every comment about her that I've read has been negative. What I find is interesting is that if a 55 year old male (in which there were and older during the Grammy's) working and performing wouldn't and weren't given the same treatment that you are giving her. What is her relevance you ask, why was she performing during this historical event on Sunday? Madonna has been a pioneer for gay rights and AIDS from the start of her career when it was taboo and shunned upon. She has from the start supported and stood up against those who BULLY those who are to meek to have a voice. TMZ latest is to try to make her out to be a racist and judging from her body of work, people she's dated, and children that she has your trying to attach a scarlet letter on someone who is innocent of such deeds. Don't get me wrong, I don't think she's perfect, I don't think she's the best singer out there, nor do I think she was right for saying a word that I think is racist and should have used an appropriate one that demonstrates a term of endearment as she has stated, but I do think there's a double standard on the treatment that she receives. As each day passes we each get a year older and in 20-30 years many of the TMZ staff will be where Madonna is today and you will look back at this time and see how relevant Madonna was during her 50's plus, that she was a pioneer in breaking the prejudice of gender and age discrimination that exists today.

268 days ago


Put it away, Madonna. Your day has passed a long time ago and you're just embarrassing yourself now. And that thing on her teeth doesn't look "hip" ..... it just makes her look like she has yellow, rotten teeth.

268 days ago


It's just just so sad and pathetic that you have to kind of feel sorry for her (kinda).

268 days ago


Dumb and dummer

268 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Nauseating. Miley's tongue is white coated and looks yeast infected. Madge's tongue is red and looks strep infected.

268 days ago

Barbara Doppes    

ya' all need to listen more to some youtube- Madonna's an icon/ / and Miley/ she's genuine/ not so ef serious about herself like beyonce, et al / there's a difference / miley also does great comedy and her solo backyard session or BBC radio singing (unpluggged) is- well/ great/ like these two

268 days ago

john johnson    

doesn't she collect social security?

268 days ago


Madonna will still be doing this kind of crap when she's in her '80's

268 days ago


Ack. Who knows what kinds of viruses those tongues might carry - stop wagging those things all over there place. It looks absolutely disgusting.

268 days ago


She look's ridicolous,i cant'imagine my mother that is the same age acting like this,needs to grow up

268 days ago


Two tongue scrubbers STAT!

268 days ago


someone really needs to break the news to Madonna that she's not 25 years old.....

268 days ago
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