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'Ghost Adventures' Star

I Bought $35,000 Demon House

Possible 'Hell Portal'

1/31/2014 6:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans has taken on his most terrifying project yet -- he just bought a house in Indiana ... believed to be the site of one of the most terrifying demonic possessions ever ... a rumored "portal to hell."

The house rose to fame in 2012 ... after a mother who lived there reported her 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son had been possessed.  Shockingly, there are even docs from child protective services that back up her claims.

Among the many scary incidents ...  the mother says she witnessed her daughter levitating above her bed.

She also said she saw her son walking on their ceiling ... an account corroborated by several other witnesses. The mother did everything she could to de-demonize the house -- including building an altar and hiring an exorcist -- but nothing worked and she eventually moved.

Zak tells us, he caught wind of the horrifying tale and made an offer to purchase the home for $35,000 -- the owner was all too willing to sell.

The photo shown above is an actual police photo of the house ... and it's hard to miss what looks like an apparition in the window.

Zak says he's going to live there and document his experience -- "If it's true this home is a portal to hell, then I want to go there and see what happens."

Balls of steel.

Check out the CPS report (below) ... detailing the family's frightening claims.



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230 days ago


Zak, I really respect everything you do, your show is amazing but, geeeesh, I would be afraid to go into that house. Good luck. Take a priest with you.

230 days ago

Yurra Knutz    


230 days ago


I spent every day for 2 years over in the house next to this one. To the right of this house. Passed it every day and even played in the yard. I call bs. An older woman lived there for years and was quite grumpy. This can not be real. Way to catch my attention tho

230 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Maybe this Ass-Clown Zak Bagans will also find Bigfoot???

Grow up you dumb Jersey Shore looking douche!

Booo!!!! Did Zak wet himself??? Sad

230 days ago


So has anyone else noticed the wndow on the right and how it appears to have a shadow of a person in it....

230 days ago


WOW! My DREAM HOME! Looks like it should be featured on the homes of the BEWITCHED and INFAMOUS!
Maybe for punishment or Community Service Justin Beiber should be sent there to live under House Arrest with webcams so we can see the results! There he can really be the NEIGHBOR FROM HELL! Send a lot of eggs! Can you imagine Justin in a little Red Devil Suit and a Pitchfork?

230 days ago


The majority of my education is based on science and I also tend to be one of those "prove it" types. That changed a bit a number of years ago when I stayed at a bed and breakfast on the Chesapeake Bay for a weekend and things happened that my husband (a scientist) and I could not rationalize in any way. I think those shows are mostly bullsh*t but stuff happens. If that house is what it's supposed to be I wouldn't go anywhere near it. Zac Bagans is going to regret his dramatics some day.

229 days ago

cristina coleman    

Hey Zach I will come spend the night there and see if they come to speak to me. I am not at all afraid.

229 days ago


Why does this sound like a promo for an upcoming "based on true events" movie. I've got news for you, the Amityville house turned out to be a fake after having the same type of media attention.

229 days ago

cristina coleman    

I would love to stay there and try and see if anything was there. The ghosts can come out and I would talk to them

229 days ago


He'll get shot over there before he finds any ghosts. I believe what happened to that family but zach is over dramatic and makes everything look fake, 20$ says he gets possessed the first night. *rolling eyes*

229 days ago


I don't know what the f--k is in that window but its freakin the sh*t outta me.... If this is bull**** that guy had me fooled cause it was freaky as hell!!!

228 days ago


Zak, I love your show. I still enjoy watching reruns of you going up that hill and screaming how snakes are everywhere. I just feel like you may have been duped somehow. I think that demons are attached to that family not that house. Please, keep making awesome episdoes that are funny as well as informing.

228 days ago

CA Girl    

Zak bought this house? If nothing more, the poor woman had a way out and has $35K in her pocket. Good for her. He can afford it, she needs it. But boy, that house sure does need a little paint, and that's just for starters. Pay no attention to that man in the window!

228 days ago
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