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Lindsay Lohan

I Found My $75K Fur

Thanks To the Seahawks!

2/2/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has FOUND her precious fur coat ... and it's all because of a member of the Seattle Seahawks. 

We broke the story ... Lindsay claimed her $75,000 fur went missing at 1 OAK early Thursday morning. 

Turns out ... it was a 2-piece fur and Lindsay claims she left one piece in the club. 1 OAK reportedly said Lindsay was full of it and did not lose anything inside their club.

But now Lindsay says she got the coat back, thanks to Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice, who was at Lindsay's table. 

We're told after Lindsay left the club, Rice noticed she had left the garment behind and took it home for safe keeping.  He contacted Lindsay the next day and her people picked it up.

If you wonder why Rice was clubbing until the wee hours of the morning just days before the Super Bowl ... he won't be playing.  He's on the injured reserve list.


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No, I don't wonder why Rice is partying. I wonder why Lindsay is. Apparently she's never going to take her recovery seriously. Sad.

208 days ago


And...... she got her 15 mins of fame this week and made sure she was reportedly hanging with a Superbowl athlete.. playing or not. Oh and she can afford a 75k fur so money's not an issue. (Look kids, we all know she can't afford that fur; while some of suspect who or what she did while in London to earn it.. cough)

Desperation for relevancy round 3000. Ding Ding.

208 days ago


2014 will be Lindsay's last stand, mark my words

208 days ago


Besides Lindsay herself, that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

208 days ago


Did you mean Lindsay "stole" a fur coat!?

208 days ago


Besides "Family first" DUina's favorite saying is "Don't believe everything you read."

Well I'll just file this one under "Fairytale"

208 days ago


"no word from the rice camp" And you wont hear one, because this is a fabricated,back tracking lie

208 days ago


Really TMZ? Because I heard the surveillance video at the club showed her leaving with both pieces. Oh well, no chance at insurance money or a lawsuit...Sorry, Lindsay.

208 days ago


Does she have to name drop and crash anyone who is in the spotlight live and dead. Hey lindsay, your "old family friend" whos putting you in a movie woody alllen is being accused by his own daughter of molesting her. So in your long list of drug dealing,murderers,whores,thieves and liars you now have incestious wonder nicole loves you

208 days ago


That coat looks like it was made from a used truck tire and given away from goodwill

208 days ago


That rag, is by far, one of the ugliest things she's ever pilfered off a homeless person.

Fur? The only fur on that rag would be the fur balls left by the alley cat that was using it for shelter.

208 days ago


Tmz should post pictures of all of lielos stuff so the original owner can identify their stolen items

208 days ago

mary collins finn    

If that coat is fur and worth 75,000 then I can sell you the Brooklyn bridge for a song. She IS full of it

208 days ago


So, if it was returned the next day, why did Mikey or DUina run to TMZ to report it stolen within a few hours of the incident? Why didn't they file a police report like NORMAL people, instead of running to the media?

Less then two weeks ago, Lindsay grifted her way into Sundance to announce she's changed and excited to be BACK working.

So, so far, no update on naming a director which she and Randall said they would be announcing this past week, yet we get another "Lindsay out partying/victimized" story. That doesn't sound like someone who's grateful for another opportunity for a comeback, even if it's being coerced with through drug money.

208 days ago


What is a two piece fun coat?

207 days ago
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