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Mia Farrow

Woody Molested Dylan

And He Knows It [VIDEO]

2/4/2014 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Woody Allen and his lawyer may be painting Mia Farrow out to be a spiteful bitch for alleging Woody molested her daughter ... but Mia is on tape explaining how Dylan freely opened up about the sexual attack and she says Woody knows in his heart exactly what he did.

Farrow spoke exclusively with Rosanna Scotto -- WNYW Fox 5 anchor -- back in 1992, just after winning a bitter custody fight.

Farrow explains ... when Dylan started opening up about the abuse she spontaneously grabbed a camera and videotaped it.

And ... Farrow explains how she told Dylan that her dad was now her sister's "boyfriend."


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I believe her why is he not in jail.he married his daughter

270 days ago


She is one homely looking beatch, no wonder she is bitter

270 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'm going to guess that like 90% of mothers who come forward and try to prosecute men who have sexually abused their children are shut or shot down by all these massive powerful legal brigades. it's crazy. she can speak directly into cameras airing all over the world, but there isn't a thing she can do about it, men will NEVER be held accountable or guilty for such charges. crazy reality in this world. you really should or have to ask yourself why. why do parents not have any recourse against men raping their children? something insane is going on in the US justice system, that much is clear.

270 days ago


Woody Allen real name Allen Stewart Konigsberg is a child molester..

270 days ago


And I believe that Allen didn't started getting close with Soon-Yi Previn while she was still underage no matter what Allen says.

270 days ago


Mia Farrow's handling of this has been textbook.

270 days ago

stinky mcgee    

I believe you Dylan.

270 days ago


He has been protected by fame, money and Hollywood for way too long, the fact that soon yi has little girls with him scares me. I hope his walls of protection crumble down and he faces major jail time. He is a very sick sick man

270 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i mean look at sandusky. he was having sex with (raping) boys for like decades. and 'only' like 2 or 3 victims came forward? there seems to be some very awesome reward system tied into engaging in sex with children, otherwise it would not be such a protected and rampant habit. might even be that men are having more sex with children than they are having with women. so maybe, if that is 'more normal' than sex with women, then pedophilia will simply by default become the norm, and sex with women will be finable because it is 'abnormal'. people are sick in their heads these days. not much going on there. this is how 'people' make their own universe, i figure.

270 days ago


For everyone who is whining, it was 1992, let's MOVE ON! Maybe we should move on from 1933. Ok with you?

270 days ago


The pedophiles' tactic is always name calling,trashing the victims, oh, by some slimball lawyers they hire. Just like what happened with mj. But. You know in the heart of heart they all know.

270 days ago

News Flash     

I see different posters oozing out of the sludge from Hollywood. A bunch of premeditated A$$ kissers. Woody is guilty as We The People charge him.

270 days ago


If you wanna be famous in Hollywood, you gotta be down with the cover ups. Keeping silent in the face of unspeakable wonder so many suicides. Being picked for a Woody Allen's like a get out of jail free card for the life of your career.

270 days ago


woody is a sick pedophile married a asian kid he adopted and then did it again he is a sick sob and should be locked up then shanked

270 days ago


It's a crazy, convoluted family, but no matter if you are close to them or not, you simply do not pursue a romantic relationship with one of your partner's children. It's even ickier than dating your best friend's ex.

I can totally believe that Woody is a child molester; he can't recognize relationship boundaries very well, and Dylan's account, in specific detail, of what he did with her... it gives me chills. I was molested around the same age, and every horrible, tiny detail of what happened is seared into my brain... a little movie that plays in the background of my mind, most days, for the past 23 years.

It has been shown that traumatic events heighten our ability to remember them in such detail. Just as Dylan remembers focusing on the train set while Woody talked to her in the fashion that he did while he violated her, I remember staring past my abuser, who was explaining to me that he was demonstrating the way in which strangers were not allowed to touch me (as if to justify his actions), staring at my bedroom door that was open a crack, wanting to get away; staring out the window, it was sunny, there were fruit trees outside. Things like that come from a real memory.

270 days ago
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