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Justin Bieber

Double-Teamed Stripper REVEALED

Hot, Blonde, and YOUNG

2/5/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0204_justin_bieber_karolina_stripper_boobs_launch_v2BEHOOOOLD ... the hot blonde stripper Justin Bieber recently used as a chew toy ... in all her fake-breasted glory ... and contrary to reports, she's definitely NOT old enough to be his mom.

Sources close to the dancer tell TMZ, 26-year-old Karolina began working as a stripper in Vegas very recently after moving from Chicago -- and when Bieber quietly visited Sin City back in January (before his DUI arrest) he handpicked the bunny-tatted dancer to come back to his hotel room.

We were initially told by the owner of the photo that the pic was snapped inside an L.A. recording studio, but turns out it was actually taken inside Bieber's Vegas penthouse.

Sources tell us, Bieber and his entourage hand-picked Karolina and two other dancers to come back to the hotel room for private dances ... and Bieber paid them THOUSANDS each in cash.

As soon as they arrived to the room, we're told the girls' phones were confiscated and they were each required to sign one of Bieber's famous confidentiality agreements, barring them from talking about what transpired that night.

Our sources wouldn't say how far things went between Bieber and the girls -- but we're told Karolina voluntarily posed for the boob photo.

As for people saying she looked old enough to be Bieber's mom ... we're told Karolina is NOT too happy about it. Babysitter is more accurate.


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Bieber seems to have a thing for transvestites...

259 days ago



259 days ago

Lisa Lovelace    

A thousand strippers can't hold a candle to one Selena . . .

259 days ago


On behalf of all sensible sophisticated African Americans, Harvey please get rid of that embarrassment Raquel

259 days ago


the new world is full of sooky babies.justin needs to do his **** hippo's

259 days ago


Yeah all you exactly right about this girl and all girls who look like her.....But I am a man, and this is what men want from a women, so don't feel bad...She wouldn't be working in Vegas at the #1 strip club and be picked up by Bieber if she wasn't what men want.

259 days ago


It's a man baby!

259 days ago


26?? Ok faces of Meth.

259 days ago


I'm sorry but that Karolina looks like he had some surgery, it looks like a man not a woman! Yuck why would any woman if that's what that is want to spread the legs for these childish thugs. $$$ buys you anything with women like this. Bieber is nothing but a know nothing kid and will go down very soon. It's over I can hear the faint sound of the fat lady singing.

259 days ago


Omg, I'll be dammed if EVERY chick he's been rumored to be with outside of Selena Gomez, has looked like a ****ing man.....

259 days ago


Anyone else find these comments gold?

259 days ago

Nobody Special    

That's No Woman, It's a Famous Tranny in LA.

In the above photos look at the pic on the right side, of the double-pic. Notice how massive the forearms are. The left Forearm and Elbow are double the size of the Beavers Bicep's.

That's what happens Beaver when you don't check Under-Da-Hood First. That guy is a well know Tranny in LA.

Beaves, Remember the Movie Crocodile Dundee, when Mick grabbed the Tranny in the bar to check his or her package? Then if the package is gone you need to squeeze some lemon on your hand/fingers and then insert into the abyss and see if it smells like a real woman. If she jumps or screams, well you know what that means.

To Live And Die in LA....

259 days ago


26.....? Wondering if she was born a he? Sorry hunny dont put yourself out there if you dont intend on being judged!

259 days ago


That's a guy!

259 days ago


No wonder they thought she looked like a mom. Her face doesn't move like most middle aged LA hodels (hooker/model) . Also, her makeup looks like it was done at a funeral home which isn't helping.

259 days ago
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