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Justin Bieber

Drove at Breakneck Speeds

Hours Before Arrest

2/9/2014 9:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber hit speeds of 136 miles an hour in his rented Lambo just hours before his arrest ... TMZ has learned.

We've now obtained the FULL GPS speed readout for the evening in question -- not just the period immediately surrounding the arrest. 

Check it out.  The GPS map corresponds to the readout.  At 1:23 AM Justin was on the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami Beach, heading toward the nightclub.  He was clocked at 108 MPH and within a minute he accelerated to 136 MPH.

The red line is from the readout -- the color appears when the RPM reaches an extreme limit.

Bieber arrived at Set nightclub at 2:27 AM, stayed an hour and then drove away.

Cops claim Bieber was drag racing, but the read shows otherwise -- in the middle of the so-called drag race, he was cruising at 27 MPH -- under the speed limit.

It's almost as if cops knew he was speeding on the Causeway earlier in the evening and were just waiting to make their move.0207-bieber-gps-club-tmz-sub


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RZR 800    

If they have the GPS readout along with traffic cameras can't they charge him with speeding based on that. Here in Canada if someone is caught doing that kind of speed they are charged with what they call stunt driving and they lose their license for quite a while which would make the roads much safer in Justin's neighborhood. If something isn't done to get this guy off the road it is inevitable that someone is going to get seriously injured or even killed. I think taking his drivers license away is the best thing anyone could do for not only Justin but anyone else that could be potentially on the road the same time as him. I certainly don't have ESP but I don't need it to say if something isn't done things are going to escalate ending badly. He is spiraling out of control and has no regard for anyone that could be hurt as a result of his childish actions.

221 days ago


Too bad he didn't crash.

221 days ago


Tmz finally gets it right!!!!!

221 days ago


So now do you feel stupid for your earlier posts TMZ staff? You were making it sound like they were just out to set them up and you guys just had the inside track and read the GPS print out already. This post indicated you did not. Tools!

221 days ago


Ai karamba! Cash is king.

221 days ago


Dear God why did you take Paul Walker and leave is with this parasite u call Bieber, you took the wrong person, Bieber clearly doesnt deserve to be alive and clearly cant drive a car responsibly

221 days ago


If the juvenile delinquent wants to be dead at the bottom of Biscayne Bay, fine. BUT, they usually kill others while doing it. THAT is why he's a menace and law enforcement and are welcome to do everything to prevent that.

221 days ago


Why did it take him over an hour to get to the club if he was driving that fast....

221 days ago


All this pinche pendejos talking **** because this little asshold was speeding if you rent a ****ing Lambo are you going to driver like ****ing grandma **** off and get life

221 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

I enjoy his music. Screw off.

221 days ago


Lambo wouldnt red line at 130 unless u have no ****in idea how to drive and unfortunately this little douche actually does know how to drive high performance cars

221 days ago


Theyre just ****n wit this kid cuz he hangs wit african american men n parties like its no tomorrow

221 days ago


Who the hell cares? I'm sicc of seeing these headlines about.... move on!!!!!!

221 days ago

RZR 800    

Here in Canada you must be at least 25 to rent a Lambo. The company that rented the car to him being 19 with a less than stellar past should revisit there policies on who they rent to. If I owned the rental company and Justin came into my business and told me he wanted to rent that car and promised to do the speed limit I definately wouldn't believe him. The problem is this guy is being enabled from every different direction possible like his father doing drugs on an airplane to the company that rents him the car and most of all those two idiots he has chosen to hang around with that call themselves lil whatever's. I forgot to mention all these night clubs he is photographed in every night when the drinking age is 19. Until everyone stops bowing down to this guy, just because he has some money and fame, it is going to ge progressively worse until something serious happens and it is too late to go back. I would bet on the fact he will get off all the charges because of his celebrity as well. Justice is not about right or wrong but who has the best Lawyers. He is so fortunate to have achieved what he has and unless he grows up he is destined to lose it all quite possibly by hurting someone, or himself in the process.

221 days ago


NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, does this mean the rest of the day will be about Bieber. Say it isn't so please. OK, TUTTLES. : (

221 days ago
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