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Justin Bieber

Smoking Gun in Egging Case

Surveillance Video

2/10/2014 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209-bieber-egg-getty-tmz-01The L.A. County District Attorney has surveillance video that should make it pretty easy to prosecute Justin Bieber for allegedly egging his neighbor's house ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... The L.A. County Sheriff's Department's recommendation to file felony vandalism charges focuses on 2 pieces of critical evidence:

-- Surveillance video seized during the raid at Bieber's house.  Our sources say ... the video shows Bieber in the vicinity of the area where the egging occurred at the time of the attack.  You don't actually see him throwing eggs, but he's there.  Sources connected with Bieber told TMZ earlier the video shows nothing, but that's NOT true.  The Sheriff's Dept. has given the video to the D.A.

-- A video obtained by TMZ in which you hear what sure sounds like Justin Bieber verbally going at it with the neighbor in the middle of the egging.  At one point you ever hear Bieber scream, "F*** you!  I got another one for you actually."  The video is too dark to actually see him.

In addition there are 2 eyewitnesses ... the neighbor ... who openly has beef with Bieber -- and his 13-year-old daughter.  The girl made a 911 call which our sources say matches the time Bieber was seen on the surveillance video.

The 2 videos make it almost impossible for Bieber to deny he was throwing the eggs -- it would be shocking if the D.A. doesn't file criminal charges.

The open question -- will the D.A. file the case as a FELONY or a misdemeanor?  The neighbor has submitted repair estimates totaling around $20,000.  If a vandal destroyed an expensive car the D.A. would probably view it as a felony.  The issue is whether the D.A. will appreciate that eggs can cause that much damage on an expensive home.

The D.A's decision should come down this week.



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Well, we'll know for sure whether LAPD are paid off or not if they file misdeamor charges instead of felony charges.

218 days ago

Michael Castellana    

That's definetely him. I can tell because he has the voice of a 13 year old who hasn't grown a pair of balls yet.

218 days ago

Barbara Rojas    

He is just proving to everyone that mentally, he is still a child. Egging is that antics of young kids. This kid was allowed to spread his wings much too soon. I know he is legally an adult now, but his parents have some responsibility to help rein this kid in. He should absolutely have vandalism charges filed. He should pay for all repairs and do some sort of community service. He needs to be held accountable for his actions.

218 days ago


I just wonder whlat the chickens are saying who had to lay these eggs!!!!!!!!!

218 days ago


Lmfao " id like to place an assault" ? she sounded terrified because her house was being egged lol must be an actress or idiot

218 days ago


He should be put to death for being a whigger

218 days ago


this all just much of lies carp people are just makeing up lies about justin bieber lies ****ing bull **** carp

218 days ago


Well... Well... It looks like those "sources" that have access to that video are probably Justin Bieber's legal defense team or security team.. My bet is that this won't proceed because all it does point to do is him being in the "general vicinity" NOT him actually throwing eggs.. This where guilty beyond a reasonable doubt plays in.. Those very expensive high powered lawyers of his will argue there is no actual video evidence of him throwing eggs at that neighbors house. They would be correct!

218 days ago


Peter Gatien was deported to Canada after tax evasion. What sort of dope is TMZ smoking?

218 days ago

Igor Gustavo    

Their eggs are coming here in Brazil Justin Bieber

218 days ago

Scott Levy    

The most disturbing part of the video is the father constantly dropping f-bombs in front of his kid. Such foul language, shows a lack of morals.

217 days ago


Do everyone a favor and deport him so his career can be over and his name won't be mentioned anymore. The teens and Tweens will then get over him and move on to someone else.

217 days ago


Justin Bieber, you are so hard Egg your neighbors house You Spoiled Retart I hope you get locked up & put away Dude, you have cash Trim your eyebrows They're Stray Don't think you're all That Your Little GAY mustache like Prince 136? You were in a Lamb... That's it? But a Lambo & a Ferrari@ 4am That wasn't gonna draw attention was it.. You Dick! I hope you get locked up.. You sure you're not GAY? New nickname: Lethal Nizzle... Really? I hope Snoop Lion Drizzles all over your Nizzle for Ya!

217 days ago


if any of you low life's had any sense you, you would actually hear had it was a recording of justin's voice. you can hear to neighbor perfectly but every time justin says any thing it sounds like some on is pressing play on a recording and then stop. I love TMZ but you guys are wrong about a lot of celebrities 80 percent of the time. Don't deport justin just because his drinking, smoking, and driving fast like more than 60 percent of teenagers in the world. Get real people and stop being miserable because your not rich, famous, or talented like him.

217 days ago

Yu Lee    

Just look at your headline carefully --- you got a video of Justin smoking a gun in an egg case --- makes a lot of sense

217 days ago
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