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Ex-NBA Star Quentin Richardson


After Spat with Flight Attendant

2/12/2014 4:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0212_quentin-richardson_tmzFormer NBA player Quentin Richardson was just booted off his flight after a dispute with a flight attendant ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Q was in the 1st class section of a flight out of Orlando, FL headed for LAX ... but he never got off the ground.

We spoke with Quentin who confirms he was escorted off the plane and claims it was all over a failure to return his seat to the full and upright position.

Quentin says the flight attendant told him to move his seat up so the flight could take off ... and next thing he knew, he was being asked to leave the flight.

It's unclear exactly what happened between the two ... we suspect the flight attendant is going to have a much different story.

We do know Richardson was NOT arrested ... and the flight eventually took off without him.

Story developing ...

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Never heard of the guy .

261 days ago


The flight attendants do a great job 99% of the time, especially the ones in first class. They deal with rude, self entitled celebrities all the time. This was a safety issue and the flight attendant was just doing their job. I'm sure he was rude as hell and didn't want to put his seat up. Now he knows for next time...

261 days ago


Racist flight attendant......so are u people saying that flight attendants are never wrong??especially when deLing with bkack people....cause they know that blacks are never given the benefit of the doubt

261 days ago


Btw...I thought he was still playing...did he quit because of injury??and what about Jamal Crawford?..what happened to him??

261 days ago


Do you have anyone on staff that knows sports!? Again, NOT EVER A STAR.

261 days ago


Don't how he was acting but stewardesses definitely act like they are special. They should learn that they are a servant to the paying customer, not the other way around

261 days ago


LOL That sounds like a child's excuse when they claim to have no idea why they got in trouble. It was out of the blue and for no reason at all.

261 days ago


Lots of potential, never a real talent! A star only in his own mind!!!

261 days ago

Patch Eye Punk    

Let me guess. The company are Racists. It was racial. Lets get Jesse Jackson and stir up trouble. Its coming.

261 days ago

Eye roll     

It was racial profiling.

261 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

THis will sound like the race card but, as a honest American who doesnt break laws and does whats right im hoping for fairness here. WELL, HERES were white America loses the rest of the USA(Latin Americans/Native Americans/Africans living in NorthAmerica). The treatment that we get as blacks and other minorities is unseen by white America, its like Rodney KIng being beating as he was, thats when white America saw, "hey, this really happens to blacks" was Rodney King wrong to speed? YES, but that beating was over the top. Let alone flights but, Ive also been accused of wrongs I didnt commit! On 2 flights I was kicked of. Once we were delayed and for about 2 hours to be exact while on the plane waiting. The stewardess announced we would be delayed another 2 hours and all on the flight made comments outward, I said,"Damn, thats crazy" and for that I was kicked of the flight, now mind you others made comments similar and worse. A few even said he wasnt the only one who made a comment but, I was the only one in first class who was black. This happened also in coach(no first class seats available) and this time, I didnt say or do anything, I was asked to move up my seat and i said,"sorry I thought it was" as I had moved it up but, not all the way, had no clue it wasnt completely up. After kindly saying im sorry and had no clue it wasnt up all the way, the stewardess said,"No need for attitude, just do it" and I said,"no problem" and was kicked of the flight. Its easy to not see what fairness is and isnt when the deck is stacked in your favor. Some people feel blacks need to stay in there place and even when kind in public im mistreated by white Americans, here I am a man who loves all people and see it ALL THE TIME. Its tiring. Its hard being polite despite being treated egregiously. How can I win? If im kind its, "dont get an attitude" if I say nothing its"Do you have anything to say"(cop asked me this once when pulled over while driving my 430 Mercedes Benz) and I was pulled over in a Lexus as I fit the description of a criminal(driving a NEW Lexus mind you)! On a plane or on the ground as blacks we feel we have to be careful. At times i ask should I go places for fear of being pulled over by cops. Dont get me wrong, there are some excellent police officers who are white but, when you run into the wrong one in any profession, your at there mercy. A BIG BLACK GUY IN 1st Class is a sight for some to those who disagree. Some people dislike BIG BLACK PEOPLE! His wealth she had no clue of, Im sure but, he was probably 1 of few who are black in 1st class which I am when I fly 1st class. Ive been ignored in 1st class and all. Ive bent over backwards to be liked by white folks on planes and on the ground and it doesnt work!!!! As a child I was accused of tripping a kid with a wire at a football field that went 100 yards that displayed the yards when a kid tried to jump over it. I didnt do it, a cop called my home and told my aunt what I did. People tried to tell the cop after 1 lone white man flasely claimed I did it, they said,"It wasnt him, he didnt trip the kid" i was traumatized that day on. The incidents didnt cease, they continued but, I was aware that being black blame would come. I was called a n-word by a NYC cop when I first got to NYC from VA, and i hadnt been called that in the south only once and it wasnt a cop it was white kids driving by in a truck. I can go on and on and on but, this flight incident doesnt add up. I mean you kick a person off for not putting up his seat back? Ive been on several flights were people didnt do so, many times and flights took of. He was targeted. Those flight attendant's do a great job but, doesnt mean some arent anti-dark! LGNM

261 days ago

harvey is racist    

the real terror in the sky are flight attendants,..

they act nowadays with total impunity...after all they can just claim "something something terrorist.."

they are rude and feel like they are law enforcement.

Obnoxious group of people. I curse the day terrorists used a plane as weapon.

Made a bunch of life failures known as flight attendants turn into nazi control freaks.

261 days ago


Not a black thing, a height thing . No leg room even in first class for one who is 6'7". Try sitting back in steerage with the rest of us.

261 days ago


He will sue the airline and they will labeled racists.

261 days ago

Shaquille O'Neal     

Yawn!!!!!!! Boring!!!!!!!!

261 days ago
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