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I Want My Ex Nailed with Contempt

For Being Contemptible

2/14/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyrese Gibson has made good on his promise to go after his ex-wife for not letting him visit their kid ... and worst case scenario for her is JAIL.

TMZ broke the story ... cops came to Norma Gibson's home Tuesday night over Tyrese's right to take their 6-year-old daughter away for a visit.  The cops talked to a very upset Tyrese and left.  Tyrese left too ... without his daughter.

He's now filed a formal motion with the court to hold Norma in contempt for violating their custody order.  In the legal doc -- obtained by TMZ -- Tyrese quotes from the custody order, which seems pretty clear -- "[Tyrese] shall have custody of Shayla every Tuesday with pick-up from school, and if no school, pick-up from [Norma's] residence at 10:00 a.m."

It's interesting -- Tyrese showed up Tuesday NIGHT -- not at 10 AM. 

Sources close to Tyrese tell us ... he tried picking up his daughter at school -- but she wasn't there. We're told he repeatedly tried to contact Norma to pick up Shayla ... and finally went to Norma's house that night .. where he was turned away.

We're told Norma told Tyrese their daughter was sick and that's why she wouldn't let her go.


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Geez, I follow him and didn't know any of this, but he did get a kiddie swing this week for her.

250 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Either play fair or no money.
Can't have it both ways.
Real life stuff.

250 days ago


This story isn't an "exclusive" or "breaking news". If Lindsay Lohan acts normal for a whole 24 hours or one of the Kardashians goes out on a date with a white man, that would be an "exclusive."

250 days ago


Another female using her child as a pawn in their sick twisted games called "how to ruin a mans life" and "how to keep a father away from his child/children" doesn't matter what damage this does to the child they don't care but watch when that child grows up and becomes a loose cannon she'll then try to dump her off on daddy and say "you need to man up and take care of your child" well in this case that might not happen she won't give up her meal ticket so you mean to tell me he pays for everything when it comes to his daughter but he only gets her 1 day out of the entire week and its not even a full day wtf? Way to go America continue reducing fathers to nothing but financial support

250 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

If he had handed her some cash, I'll bet the kid would have experienced a miraculous healing. Custody battles suck worse than even nasty divorces.

250 days ago


Just curious if he was supposed to pick her up that morning why did he wait til that night? Also how old is the child? If they are young the child might have already been in bed by 8pm. If it was me and my child was sleeping and the dad waits that long to come get her I would tell him come back tomorrow at a reasonable hour. It was a school night. Just because the parent is up all night doesn't mean the child needs to be.

250 days ago


I was in his side in this one but if he was supposed to pick her up in the morning then he is wrong for going their at night unless if they came to an agreement about it. And please stop calling police for non emergency issues. They are wasting tax payer's money.

250 days ago


By title I was on Tyrese's side til it said he came at 10 PM!?! I would have just said no even if she wasnt "sick". She's 6 & should have been in the bed long before 10. Tyrese is wrong on this 1!

250 days ago


It's not that weird that he went to pick her up at night if he was working or had other obligations.

250 days ago


Maybe he was really busy or something came up he could have been out of town and got back later than he planned but can you agree with a father only getting his child once a week for not even a full 24 hours? He shouldn't have a court system telling him he's only allowed to get her once a week that's not fair especially since he pays for everything

250 days ago


Sound like it more about the way the woman is treating him Then the baby be it 10am r pm no reason togo to the house where the kid is that you love so much and then they see the police at their door talking to their mother if it's about the child's safety are the 's what the child sees

250 days ago


But he wants to take care of his kid? Why would you hurt your child like that? Gold diggers smh

250 days ago


She looka-lika-man

250 days ago


Yeah, they reject the dad when he comes for his kid but they never reject that child support check, Do they?


250 days ago


Yes I agree with him, if the tables had been turned she would be dragging him into court as well. I understand he was late coming to get his daughter, but at least he showed up. She gets the child support, therefore she needs to put aside her bitterness and allow the father and daughter relationship to flourish.

250 days ago
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