Tyrese I Want My Ex Nailed with Contempt For Being Contemptible

2/14/2014 12:20 AM PST

Tyrese -- I Want My Ex Nailed With Contempt -- for Being Contemptible


Tyrese Gibson has made good on his promise to go after his ex-wife for not letting him visit their kid ... and worst case scenario for her is JAIL.

TMZ broke the story ... cops came to Norma Gibson's home Tuesday night over Tyrese's right to take their 6-year-old daughter away for a visit.  The cops talked to a very upset Tyrese and left.  Tyrese left too ... without his daughter.

He's now filed a formal motion with the court to hold Norma in contempt for violating their custody order.  In the legal doc -- obtained by TMZ -- Tyrese quotes from the custody order, which seems pretty clear -- "[Tyrese] shall have custody of Shayla every Tuesday with pick-up from school, and if no school, pick-up from [Norma's] residence at 10:00 a.m."

It's interesting -- Tyrese showed up Tuesday NIGHT -- not at 10 AM. 

Sources close to Tyrese tell us ... he tried picking up his daughter at school -- but she wasn't there. We're told he repeatedly tried to contact Norma to pick up Shayla ... and finally went to Norma's house that night .. where he was turned away.

We're told Norma told Tyrese their daughter was sick and that's why she wouldn't let her go.