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Darren Sharper


... Cops Say

2/15/2014 7:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Officials believe they have a smoking gun in the Darren Sharper rape investigatin ... a shot glass that tested positive for a drug used to knock people out ... this according to court documents.

The L.A. County D.A. filed documents in which the former New Orleans Saints star is accused of drugging 11 people in multiple states (CA, LA, AZ, NV) and raping 7 WOMEN.

But the hardest proof may come from AZ -- where Sharper is accused of going home with 3 women he met in a Scottsdale nightclub on Nov. 20.

According to the docs, Sharper went to their place and poured 2 of them shots. Sharper allegedly raped both of the women.

But ... the next day, the women went to the cops -- and one of the shot glasses Sharper allegedly used to drug his victims was collected from the apartment.

The glass was tested ... and cops say the results show it tested positive for Ambien -- the drug Sharper allegedly used to drug all of his victims.

Sharper was never arrested in AZ -- but he was charged with raping two women in L.A. and if convicted, faces more than 30 years behind bars.

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No Avatar


Soon HE will be the rape victim. Good luck fighting off the Cholos

213 days ago


Anorher dumd*ss

213 days ago



213 days ago

Jamar Mfn Banks    

Now here's uh prime example of you call uh STUPID DUMB muthfu%%a!!!!😅😅 They're about to hang yo dumb a$$ smh Why do people just literally throw they're lives away like that?! #JustStupid

213 days ago


Wtf is wrong with this guy? #1 hes good looking and an NFL star. #2 the girls had ALREADY gone home with him. #3 He could have most likely gotten sex willingly from 98% of these girls.... So #4 hes into dead weight, corpse-like sex.....awkward pervert. Hope he gets his in jail.

213 days ago


If he were gay this story would just be hot.

213 days ago


I used to party with this guy. No wonder I used to wake up with my ass hurting

213 days ago


So fine going down the drain.....WOW!

213 days ago


The military prescribe Ambien for me. I felt like I should have been on the Walking Dead. Worst drug ever.

213 days ago


Wow people, it has nothing to do with his race! White people rape people all the time to - just look at the epidemic happening in the military! It's the most foul, disrespectful thing for anyone to do, but I really don't get why wealthy, good-looking people take something they could pay for or get for free - just goes to show you it is a sickness - one that can't be cured, so those people need to be locked up for good!!

213 days ago


HMMM What I dont understand is WHY IS HE DRUGGING THEM?, IFTHESE GROUPIES OR WOMAN ARE COMING IN HIS HOTEL ROOM OR TAKING HIM HOME THEN I AM SURE THAT IS A SIGN FOR HIM THAT HE MIGHT HOOK U P ANYWAY. So its crazy he felt the need to drug them (IF HE DID) when he would of possible have sex with them either way.......UNLESS.... It's about control, that face he is in control of the situation and then it comes down to a mental illness issue........OR... He maybe innocent.

213 days ago


I have known him years ago and have never seen him act inappropriate to any females he went in the room with willing females or stayed alone no extra stuff and never hit on me. This is so crazy to hear these charges about him

213 days ago


Damn he is fine, what the hell does he need to drug girls to have sex with them for? I would gladly do whatever he wants ; ) I guess he's into corpse-doesn't-move kinda sex. I am open minded, but that's effed up!

213 days ago


He is toast, bye bye Mr Shaper your days are numbered in the free world. We will not be sorry to see you leave.

213 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

WOW, WOOW,WOOWOWOW, its over, I feel bad for the victims and apologize to them for my past comments, id said previously he was a star and didnt need to rape anyone, I was WRONG!!!! Im so sorry to the woman he raped and as a black man in AMERICA, this wasnt needed, just another reason for people who hate us as a color, to hate us even more. HE doesnt represent all black people but, some people dont see it that way. If hes guilty which he seems to be, the fair charges and conviction is what I hope for. NO WOMAN should be drugges and rapped. He can say it was agreed sex but, I have my doubts that this many woman make the same claim, and two woman being rapped at the same time and all went to police? WOW, he will have to get Jonnie Cochran from heaven to represent him to get out if this one. I though OJ was guilty and Johnnie got him out of that, a miracle it was, thats what Darrnes going to need. I was a fan when he played in the NFL, a sad end to a promising Analyst career on a TEFLON station (NFL NETWORK) he could have worked at till 70 yearas old. Its always the ones we dont expect who do the crimes!!!! LGNM

213 days ago
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