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MJ Estate to Wade Robson

You Waited WAY Too Long

To Accuse MJ of Molestation

2/18/2014 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Famed choreographer Wade Robson is full of BS when he says he waited years to file a molestation claim against the Michael Jackson Estate on grounds of repressed memory ... so says the Estate's lawyer who wants the case thrown out.

Robson has filed a claim with the Estate asking for $$$ based on his sexual abuse claim, but Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman has fired back in legal docs ...  the fat lady sung on Wade 4 years ago.

Weitzman says in order to pursue a claim Wade should have filed his case within 60 days of learning MJ's Estate was in probate court ... and pretty much everyone knew that because it made news around the world.

Weitzman actually got Robson to admit in a deposition he KNEW about the guardianship dispute involving Michael's kids back in 2009 ... so his claim of ignorance just doesn't hold water.

Robson claims he delayed in filing his claim because of repressed memory.

A judge has yet to rule on Robson's right to press a claim.

As we reported, Robson first went on the offensive last year, claiming MJ "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him" from the age of 7 ... until Robson was 14.

Wade had previously denied MJ molested him during the singer's 2005 molestation trial, but says the old testimony was a lie ... and that Michael had engaged in a campaign of manipulation to keep him silent.

Robson is demanding money from the Jackson estate as compensation for the alleged abuse.


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"It's too late" should never be an excuse for something like this.

249 days ago


It's all about the money.

249 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

While allegations against the departed are sinister,
why would ANYONE innocent of wrong-doing,
pay-out $20M? Please, pray for all those affected.

King David Vs. Goliath
King Hezekiah Vs. 185,000 Assyrians
King of Kings Christ Yeshua Vs. Death
The House, always wins:
The Declaration of 2008
The Final Declaration
The 2013 Sentence

249 days ago


Who forgets being molested? I understand when ppl put things in the back of their minds & don't think about them everyday but when you're asked under oath about that very matter one should remember it. This dude is just trying to score some cash

249 days ago


So now everyone knows you blew MJ and your not getting paid for it. Horrible day for you, maybe tomorrow will be better.

249 days ago


Blah, blah, blah, "Michael Jackson molested me XXXX years ago and I was too upset/traumatized to report it until now".... when he's dead...
AKA - the most predictable "get rich quick" attempts that has ever existed in Hollywood.
It's also kind of funny how these people just happen to remember they were abused when they are poor, and down on their luck. Oh, and after the accused has passed away....... doncha think?
Get a life, Robson. And a freakin' job.

249 days ago


The statue of limitations is up for the kid and mj can't face is accuser this kid is full of it theirs no such thing as a repressed memory

249 days ago


He knowingly lied in 2005 and NOW we're suppose to believe he's telling the truth?

249 days ago


Yeah right, I forgot too, anyone else?

249 days ago


damn he is talented!!

249 days ago


A liar who just wants money.

249 days ago


If he specifically makes his claim for "not more than one dollar", I'll start listening.

249 days ago

News Flash     

It's all up to the judge

249 days ago

mj fan forever    

This is a total ALL FOR MONEY BS and pedo-monster-Wade does know it!!! Famed choreographer my ass his so-called career is down and he's desperate for money and his fame was all due to his link with Michael Jackson!!! Even if he had filed his BS on time it doesn't change a damn thing as it's a dirty lie to grub money from Michael Jackson, but was surely "on time" for the trial against AEG!!! It would not be at all a surprise if it came out that AEG is involved in this crap!!! Then, pedo-monster-Wade was too busy praising Michael Jackson until short before and even wanted to be in the cast of the Immortal Tour!!! He's gonna loose only because he's LYING NOW NOT during the 2005 trial in which Michael Jackson was so RIGHTFULLY found NOT guilty on all accounts!!! He and his lawyer should actually be thrown to rot in jail for defamation and slander where they belong!!!!

249 days ago


There should be no statute of limitation when it comes to molestation cases. Michael Jackson was a pedophile and it's as plain as the nose that used to be on MJ's bleached face. All of the people that defended and protected MJ have a special place in h*ll waiting for them, right next to Michael Jackson. Stay strong , Wade. There are tons of people who believe you and support you. Michael Jackson was a monster who fooled millions of people, just like all those pedophile Catholic priests.

249 days ago
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