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MJ Estate to Wade Robson

You Waited WAY Too Long

To Accuse MJ of Molestation

2/18/2014 12:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Famed choreographer Wade Robson is full of BS when he says he waited years to file a molestation claim against the Michael Jackson Estate on grounds of repressed memory ... so says the Estate's lawyer who wants the case thrown out.

Robson has filed a claim with the Estate asking for $$$ based on his sexual abuse claim, but Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman has fired back in legal docs ...  the fat lady sung on Wade 4 years ago.

Weitzman says in order to pursue a claim Wade should have filed his case within 60 days of learning MJ's Estate was in probate court ... and pretty much everyone knew that because it made news around the world.

Weitzman actually got Robson to admit in a deposition he KNEW about the guardianship dispute involving Michael's kids back in 2009 ... so his claim of ignorance just doesn't hold water.

Robson claims he delayed in filing his claim because of repressed memory.

A judge has yet to rule on Robson's right to press a claim.

As we reported, Robson first went on the offensive last year, claiming MJ "performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him" from the age of 7 ... until Robson was 14.

Wade had previously denied MJ molested him during the singer's 2005 molestation trial, but says the old testimony was a lie ... and that Michael had engaged in a campaign of manipulation to keep him silent.

Robson is demanding money from the Jackson estate as compensation for the alleged abuse.


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its sickening how the sick people can support the pedo mj.

224 days ago


He's trying to double dip in the Wacka abuse funds and its not going to fly with the judge.

224 days ago


I'm assuming the GAY PORN thingy didn't work out for Wade either....

224 days ago


How sad...

"I'm Wade Robson and BLEW Michael Jackson, and all I got was ...NOTHING!"

224 days ago


?? Michael Who ??

224 days ago



224 days ago


If your parents were stupid enough to leave you alone with MJ then you deserved to get molested. Maybe you should sue your parents for being morons.

224 days ago


Hey I was molested by MJ too! Now give me sum money!

224 days ago

oh really     

The heading of this story should be Wade Robson waited too long to LIE and try to cash in on his dead mentor.
He lost the MJ Vegas shows he was all over the place bragging about choreographing, to JAMIE KING and now that guys name is up in lights while Wade reputation is in the toilet.
He lost his bid to try and enforce his contract with the estate , he supposedly knows so little about , and he was DISMISSED from the shows , so what is an irrelevant , aging choreographer to do next.?
Use your contract lawyer to make accusations against the man you admired for decades , in hopes of getting a big pay day and destroying the shows , you didnt get to be part of.
That is the thing with people , who cant compete with MJ acclaim , they have nothing left but to try and burn down all he accomplished because they cant measure up.
This guy would have saved himself alot of humiliation by reading the court transcripts , because all these tabloid accusations crashed and burned on cross examination. , including the maid and her son , he was counting on.
Get a job Wade.

224 days ago

Sir Boo    

"Famed choreographer." Never heard of him until this lawsuit came up.

224 days ago


The nerve of some people!

224 days ago


It is sad how many rabid psycho MJ fans think it is completely normal for a 30/40 year old man to have tween/teen boys sleeping his bed.. hanging out with his constantly.. yet they can not wrap their mind around why someone who was sexually abused for years by one of the most famous people in the world (with the craziest fans ever) --- would try to bury the memories and try to blank them out..
You guys will come up with the craziest excuses as to why MJ did so many inappropriate things with young boys... The excuses: "He never had a childhood".. "He was child-like".. "Adults used him, so he liked to hang out with kids instead".. yada yada yada.
Do you rabid MJ fans ever read back the things you write in defense of MJ and realize how ludicrous your excuses are?
If your 40 year old neighbor had random, various (non-relative) boys sleeping in their bed all the time -- would you be cool with that? Because if so, then you need to seek help.. and if not, then you have to realize that your logic and excuses in regards to MJ is based on his fame...
You've watched his videos and listened to his music for years, so you think you know him... but you DON'T.. yet you'll still vilify Wade in defense of a strange stranger (MJ)...

224 days ago


he's a liar and tried to be a thief..... A M F !!!

224 days ago


The sad thing is --- the rabids that blame Wade's parents would have probably allowed MJ to have unrestricted access to their child too. They're enablers as well. Look at all the excuses they try to drum up as to why MJ did the inappropriate things he did..
A 30/40 year old sleeping with tween/teen boys in their bedroom is WRONG.. But most of his fans trust him blindly.. So for the rabids who are on here ragging on Wade's parents --- save it.. Re-read your own posts..
Wade's parents trusted MJ, just like you blindly trust MJ.
You're a bunch of hypocrites with the craziest thought process.. I really think some of you need psychological help.

224 days ago


He's full of sh*t. you forget something that happens once, not for 7 YEARS of your life.

224 days ago
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