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Oksana Grigorieva

Violates Confidentiality with Mel

Loses Settlement Agreement

2/21/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva
-- the woman who Mel Gibson struck in the mouth -- just lost hundreds of thousands of bucks because of her big mouth ... by violating her confidentiality agreement. ... court sources tell TMZ.

It all has to do with an interview she did in October with Howard Stern.  Oksana -- who promised in her settlement agreement with Mel she would say NOTHING about him publicly -- blabbed about the actor.

In the Stern Interview:

-- Howard sympathizes about her problems with Mel, telling her she has to go forward in life.  She refers to her "painful and dark" experience and says now she wants to help others.

-- Howard asks if Mel wined and dined her.  She says it's too painful to even talk about.

-- Howard talks about how amazing the famous audio tapes are, and Oksana responds, "Life happens ... I'm still catching up on the humor part."

-- Howard, who referenced portions of Mel's rants during the interview, told her a woman shouldn't be treated that way, especially the mother of your child.  She said, "Thank you."

Apparently that was enough for a judge, because court sources tell us, hizzoner ruled Oksana was never supposed to talk about Mel -- even obtusely -- and as a result she forfeited the remaining installments of her $750,000 settlement.  We're told she was still owed half -- $375,000 ... money she now will NOT get.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana has filed for bankruptcy.  Pretty amazing, since Mel initially offered her $15 MILLION but she rejected it.



No Avatar


Should have taken the 15 mill, you greedy gal.

252 days ago


When Howard sez, qyote:

"... You're making plenty of sense?"

It MEANS the interview's going nowhere.

And he's prepping to show you out.

I think it's a call to His Baba-ness.

To come and get you.


She sez almost nothing here.

To the point Howard's getting itchy, frustrated.

But the bigger problem?

She hacked Mel publicly-to-shreds.

There's almost no coming back from that ...

252 days ago


Howard Stern knew about the agreement (we all did, unless he's been living under a rock) and he went there on purpose for his ratings- so he baited her
she really didn't disclose anything specific, but the fact that she allowed herself to say what she did even, I guess has screwed her apparently
no fan of Oksana's but don't like Stern and don't like that he was baiting her- he knewexactly what he was doing- too bad she can't sue him for the amount she's lost
not a Stern fan!

252 days ago


Headline from Dan's June, 2013.

Oksana Grigorieva Speaks About Mel Gibson at Artists Against Abuse Gala

Another reason for terminating her settlement. And a damn good one.

252 days ago


Mel was at a Sherman Oaks Burn Center for 2 years.

Following his public torching - Oksana's hands.

When people sense you're pouring on flammables ...

To create urgency for a settlement, money?

They lose respect for you.

This is one of the World's most respected actor-directors.

You just don't do that.

When people publicly taunt and ridicule us?

It's over - there's no going back.

252 days ago


Mel is a piece of ****. That woman didn't say anything about him and Howard Stern should pay her for opening his fat trap and bringing it up.

252 days ago


In Seventh Grade I was once a girl a letter.

Describing to her how I felt, how much I loved her.

She read it twenty people after school - and in the woods.

Causing me great public humiliation.

Reducing me to a joke that summer.

Oksana releasing Mel's love letter (s) bought it all back.

252 days ago


anyone know that if now the judge ruled the agreement was violated and she loses the money,
does that mean that she is free to talk publicly without fear of reprisal?
and is she free to write a book?
if the answer is yes, then Gibson may want to make another agreement with her because I don't think he wants/needs that when he's trying to "rehabilitate" his image in Hollywood
even if she writes a book and he ties it up in court
forever, things will "leak" out as he wants people to forget
(whether she baited him or not on the recordings, that is no excuse for his behavior!)
anyone have any thoughts or answers for me?

252 days ago


Oksana, everything happens for a reason. Gluttony & Greed got you where you are today. Imagine how many single Mom's or hungry children you could have helped with $15, Million dollars, then again helping others probably never entered your mind. Good Luck out there.

252 days ago


Should have done what any woman with brains would have said....sorry Howard, I can't comment on that.

252 days ago

Nobody Special    

15 Very Large she let go,

I bet she regrets that.

252 days ago


Ha, ha, ha Stupid girl, nothing for you.

252 days ago


The Nightmare Of Being Famous p.s.

The nightmare is that anyone/everyone.

Will stick a knife in your scrotum.

Usually when you're not looking and/or trust them.

For as little as fifty cents.

You can have it.

252 days ago


She should consider a modeling career she is much prettier than Kendall Jenner... LOL

252 days ago


KARMA.....but we all know she will appeal and some idiot judge will overrule.

252 days ago
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