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Justin Bieber

Drug Use Out of Control in ATL

2/27/2014 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is going harder than ever on sizzurp and weed since living in Atlanta ... multiple friends involved in his life tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin has had an alarming problem with sizzurp for well over a year, and he's been a big fan of weed for a long time.  But since moving to Atlanta, we're told he's "constantly high" ... rarely leaving the house.  As one source said, "Drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever."

When Justin lived in L.A. he had a schedule set up by people connected to his business.  Since moving to Atlanta, he has no schedule and no rules.

Some of the people in Bieber's life that have confronted him about his drug use have been pushed away since Bieber made his move.  And we're told -- one by one -- Bieber is removing people he says have "ratted" him out over his drug use.

Justin does spend a fair amount of time in the studio in Atlanta ... working on hip hop ... but we're told rarely is he sober during those sessions.  And the thing is ... that's part of the rap game.



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Eye roll     

You said he rarely leaves the house but then go on to say he spends a fair amount if time in the studio. U suck tmzzzzzz

182 days ago


Who the **** writes this stuff?!? How many times will you tell us he smokes weed and drink sizzurp? How many?!???

182 days ago


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182 days ago


Oh come on, TMZ. All I'm reading here is "Bieber didn't cause any trouble over night that we can report on, so let's write an article and use all the buzzwords: bieber, drugs, weed, sizzurp. Didn't any other celeb do something interesting?

182 days ago


So many things I find wrong with this... first and foremost... doing drugs is NOT "part of the rap game". REAL rappers, the ones you don't really hear on the radio, or I guess you can call them underground artists, don't rap about clubs and hos and how much money they have and they're NOT high all the time or selling drugs or going to jail every ten minutes. I think that sometimes, the mainstream rappers think they HAVE to do this kind of stuff to be seen as legit rappers and guess what, it just makes them walking cliches'. Secondly, smoking weed, recreationally isn't a bad thing. I'm not a smoker, but the people I know that are, aren't bad people. However, when all you do is sit around and smoke weed, you're just a burnout. I will never understand the appeal of drinking cough syrup and codeine to get high. What a ridiculous "designer drug"... Someone like JB who doesn't have to do anything all day has the luxury of being a burnout and still have people worship him. Which leads me to my last issue... how in the world are there still PARENTS out there sticking up for this kid and trying to say he's a role model? I get that 12 year old girls will do it because they're love sick idiots... and they're 12... but parents? People who should know better.... people who SHOULD be the role models for their children are defending this douche. JB thinks he's above the law and the way he's gotten away with everything kind of enforces that... Oh and on a personal note: The mainstream rap game is crappy enough already... now JB will be part of it. Ish!

182 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I think it's itrespinsible to write articles without naming this so called source. I could call you and say I am friends with a famous person and make something up. Would you actually print it? I really hope not

182 days ago


What's the worries? Smoking pot never hurt anyone right?

182 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

As much as the kid bugs me, I see another sad and tragic ending, to what could have been a wonderful life. TOO MUCH, TOO SOON.

182 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Its sad and funny how the British press is now reporting that TMZ is "obsessed" with over reporting anything Justin Beiber. I can't argue with buddies of mine that work in the media. In better news.......Adam Driver in the next "Star Wars" trilogy!.....yeah!!

182 days ago


Hope he dies soon so I don't have to hear about him anymore.

182 days ago


Could we have a moratorium on Bieber stories until he does something like O.D'S? Who cares if he does drugs, drives fast, sucks on prostitute t! Ts or craps in his front yard?! Until he is being visited by the city coroner he is not worth stories on.

182 days ago


Must be a shortage of lil Dopey Clowns cuz Beiba makes it up in spades.

182 days ago


He aint a bad azx until he has 4 baby mamas spread around the country.

Go get some lil Dopey Clown!

182 days ago


I've see chicks with better mustaches than lil Dopey Clown's.

182 days ago


Sizzurp causes constipation and sometime lock bowel.

182 days ago
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