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Justin Bieber

Drug Use Out of Control in ATL

2/27/2014 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is going harder than ever on sizzurp and weed since living in Atlanta ... multiple friends involved in his life tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin has had an alarming problem with sizzurp for well over a year, and he's been a big fan of weed for a long time.  But since moving to Atlanta, we're told he's "constantly high" ... rarely leaving the house.  As one source said, "Drinking more lean, smoking more weed than ever."

When Justin lived in L.A. he had a schedule set up by people connected to his business.  Since moving to Atlanta, he has no schedule and no rules.

Some of the people in Bieber's life that have confronted him about his drug use have been pushed away since Bieber made his move.  And we're told -- one by one -- Bieber is removing people he says have "ratted" him out over his drug use.

Justin does spend a fair amount of time in the studio in Atlanta ... working on hip hop ... but we're told rarely is he sober during those sessions.  And the thing is ... that's part of the rap game.



No Avatar


Lets just hope he wins a Darwin Award very soon.

145 days ago

He's going down fast

145 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

It's getting beyond sad now...the more this kid keeps cutting out the people in his life that would slap some sense into him, the further down that infamous road he's gonna take. Won't be long before he becomes another casualty.

145 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Pipsqueak freak. OD please.

145 days ago


Sad that because it Bieber, so negative comments. Some of you need to grow up! He's a kid who has a serious problem & some wish him dead?! SAD

145 days ago


Oh for FS!.. OD already you little POS.

145 days ago

Just Jay    

I'm done seeing headlines of his stupid behavior. If true I wish he's either straighten himself out and act like an upstanding person or do himself in.

145 days ago

Just Jay    

Momma must be praying up a storm. Look at his parents. Celebrity magnifies what people are. He would of been a druggy, tattooed short baby face regardless.

145 days ago


Can not say i'll miss him when he's gone….and he WILL be gone.

145 days ago


first those friends that give to TMZ all this info either are fake or not friends at all, and what the problem TMZ if you dont have real news from JB you have to invent some??? someone is very obsseed with JB inside TMZ, stop bulling this kid for gods sake, so he likes weed ,whats the porblem?? most of the isngers ,actors and a lot of regular people likes weed and have perfect normal life , besides is old news , are you going to repeat every week the same story ??? boring !!! I just to like TMZ

145 days ago


This is what happens when you get famous and rich too fast and too young. You don't have real values that make you happy.

145 days ago


He gon clap for Sosa

145 days ago


when people going to realize.. that his life he do he want to do.. At the n of day. he put his on food on his table.. do you ur thing keep gettin dat money

145 days ago


Nice to see Atlanta has "balls Justice" . He will go back to Cali where they let anyone with fame and money do whatever they want

145 days ago


Wake up. The weed and "sizzurp" and clubbing and getting busted, etc., are ALL a PR effort to change his image. He wants to be taken seriously, apparently in hiphop now. But, he's stuck in the image of a little white boy that sings to 12 year old girls. And that's what he's trying to change.

145 days ago
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