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'Pawn Stars'

Violent Biker Gang Tricked The Old Man

3/3/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Pawn Star" patriarch known as The Old Man was unwittingly lured into helping a violent motorcycle gang beat serious criminal charges ... so claims The Old Man's son.

The Old Man recently hosted a Valentine's Day party for the infamous Vagos biker gang at his Vegas home.  The gang wanted The Old Man to host because of his fame, banking on the fact that lots of people would attend and plunk money down to win various raffles.

Now here's the alleged scam.  Sources say the proceeds from the raffle went right into a slush fund used to pay for lawyers for members of the gang that commit crimes.  And the Vagos crew gets into LOTS of trouble.

A 4-year federal investigation resulted in the arrests of 32 gang members -- mostly Vagos -- for crimes ranging from gun and drug trafficking to robbery.

Rick Harrison, "Pawn Stars" star and also son of The Old Man, tells TMZ the gang took advantage of his 72-year-old dad who had no idea he was fronting a party for nefarious purposes.

Rick also knows exactly how is father got bamboozled.  Rick's brother, Joseph, is a long-time member of Vagos with a big-time rap sheet.




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Old grizzled tattooed farts

205 days ago


Pawn Stars = fake scripted reality TV --- pls cancel - I wanna see a JB 24 hour station -- everything JB--- kinda like TMZ

205 days ago


Long way around the story....

So... the old man had no idea his other son was in a criminal biker gang? He was ''bamboozled''??

Oh please. No one can ever take any responsibility any more. And pulling the 'age card', how dumb.

Also, the ''gang'' didn't just take advantage of him, his own 'son' did, so why not include that yet just blame the gang?

Who writes like 12 year old over there, wow.

205 days ago


Why am I getting Oscar pics when I click on party pics?

204 days ago


And what a lovely group of people they are. First there was Ozzie and Harriet, now this. Yikes!

204 days ago

eric j    

He had no idea about the slush fun for legal defense even though is says DEFENSE PARTY

204 days ago

Thizz √$    

What's the deal ! No damage ! No fights ! No problem ! Why's this even news ? No clue ... TMZ having a slow day ...

204 days ago


Flyer says "Valentine's Defense Party". Sounds like Rick has a problem with his biker brother and how it will reflect on him and the show! Better off getting rid of "big hoss" as he blatantly tries to beat the people of their goods. He reflects poorly on the pawn shop!!!

204 days ago

The Zombie    

It looks like a good time to me. Where did he think the money was going?

204 days ago


The Vagos are history, no more nothing about them wanna-be's The pawn stars are required to payout the Vagos for protection 15% gross net. Lmao child's play

204 days ago


Any one who can read, can see clear as day it says VALENTINES DAY DEFENSE PARTY! So now they think it was not a good idea and back paddle, says a lot more worse about Rick and the pawn stars. And tmz starving for "news" do your homework first to deliver at least something less questionable, Thinking we are idiots and can't put things together..

204 days ago


Those VAGOS are tricksters!!

204 days ago

Kev the Realist    

This really sums up how mu8ch class the Brother has........ NONE

204 days ago


The party was scheduled..and planned with the old mans knowledge ! It wasn't a surprise party. Rick must be jealous..he had to work? Don't worry nobody was killed or hurt during the filming of this party !! Worst thing might have been too much fun !!! Loosen your panties Ricky !!!!!

204 days ago


Wondering how different the comment section would be on this story if it was a bunch of black guys in a motorcylcle gang?

204 days ago
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