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MJ's Alleged Son

You Can't Get MJ's Money

3/10/2014 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
's newly-proclaimed alleged son will be fending for himself for the rest of his life, because there's NO WAY he can touch the money in MJ's estate.

Brandon Howard says he has no interest in going after the Estate, and that's a good thing, because Michael made sure he and everyone else in the world -- except Prince, Paris and Blanket -- could not lay a hand on MJ's assets. 

According to Michael's will ... Michael's 3 kids, along with some charities, ultimately get his money.  Michael also made sure that Katherine was supported during her lifetime.

We just dug through Michael's 2002 will -- in which he explicitly wrote, "Except as otherwise provided in this Will or in the Trust ... I have intentionally omitted to provide for my heirs."

Under the law, that's all she wrote, because MJ had every right to disinherit anyone he wanted ... even his own kids.  What he did was provide for Paris, Blanket and Prince ... and even if someone else could prove they were sired by the singer ... tough luck.

Bottom line ... Michael beat it, even in death.



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mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson provided for HIS ONLY THREE CHILDREN that's the reason he omitted everybody else, he also clearly specified in the will that he has NO other children living or deceased, that's the only reason he made sure that his whole legacy went to his only three children!!! So this bunch of money-grabbers can only make an easy buck by exploiting Michael Jackson's name through their stunt and they know it very well!!! ANYTHING for money as always!!!

194 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What kind of car service makes passengers walk to the parking deck to get to their car?

194 days ago


Opportunist much???

194 days ago


If he wanted money, he could have tried twenty years ago. If this is Michael's child and he purposely left him out of the will, did not leave him anything in some other agreement, then Michael was an ass. You don't leave charity money and not your child. If Joe knew about the child, I think Michael did. Why everyone wants to mention money first is beyond me. If Michael did indeed know about this child, and I think he did, then you fans have to try harder to realize, Michael was not perfect, not the kindest, truthful, god you think he was. He was human. At his age, It seems he is capable of caring for himself.

194 days ago


This is a good example as to why the paparazzi should not be allowed in airports!

194 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I just need Brandon to realize that the plastic surgery and skin whitening made him a laughing stock. He should not be trying to mimic that look. His arched eyebrows look ridiculous. So does his straightened hair.

194 days ago


This is such a non story. It's even more stupid than Justin Bieber. Any kids Michael Jackson has are bought, like Prince, Paris and Blanket or adopted. Men need sperm producing testicles to father children and MJ had his balls removed when he was a pre-teen, to keep his voice from changing, so this whole DNA drama is bullsh!t. And since MJ's balls were removed before they started producing sperm, he couldn't have made any deposits to a sperm bank. The first boy who publicly accused Michael Jackson of molesting him wasn't looking for discolorations when he had to identify MJ's junk. He was able to verify that MJ had no testicles.

194 days ago


I see MJ all over him! MJ was probably ashamed of having a non-white child since he obviously hated himself and only wanted white kids! Poor Brandon!

194 days ago


If he was Michael's son wouldn't he look like the pre-surgery Michael & not the post-surgery Michael? MJ was a brown-skinned person with a wide nose & other features that were drastically altered due to surgeries. This guy's mother is dark-skinned & the man who claims to be his biological father is of a light complexion. Also, this man is willing to do a DNA test to prove it so I think he should so this debacle can be over!

194 days ago


The NOSE is different.

Go back to when the Jackson 5 were singing "ABC"
and look at their noses.

194 days ago

Gatta Jordan    

Look TMZ... He never said anything of the sort to get the money. you guys are full of crap. Your reporter could not even get Augie Johnson's name right. You guys really have no clue...

194 days ago



194 days ago

Gatta Jordan    

Be Careful what you do because the lie become the truth.

194 days ago


I find the wording of the will very interesting! Why would you state that you have INTENTIONALLY omitted to provide for your heirs when you know you don't have any? Unless, he knew about the possibility of someone that he chose not to include. Which may or may not be this guy.

194 days ago


Give him a real dna test and if he is the real son of MJ, he has every right to get a hand on that MJ estate.

194 days ago
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