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Justin and Selena

Dirty Dancing

After Dirty Depo

3/11/2014 6:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Now we know why Justin Bieber went nuclear Friday during his deposition when the opposing lawyer asked about Selena Gomez ... he was clearly still hot for her, as evidenced by their pretty steamy dance session later that day.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin met up with Selena in McAllen, Texas Friday at a dance studio where they spent a couple of hours.

It's interesting ... Selena's people keep insisting she went to rehab to get over Justin Bieber, and not for drugs or alcohol.  After Friday's depo, it's not clear which is the most toxic.


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That's my boyeee

224 days ago


He is such a douche and she's stupid for falling for that ****. STD waiting to happen

224 days ago


Don't care too much for either of them but this was really cute

224 days ago


As usual Selena can´t dance and bieber is a small guy. Ha ha ha, he is smaller than Selena "Booze" Gonez

224 days ago


All of you are treating justin like he's a monster when you don't anything about him. all you know about him is what TMZ tells you. And they make a lot of stories about people that aren't even true! Haven't you noticed that Justin is bashed out in every single article? it only comes with the fame. MJ was treated like a pedophile in papers, doesn't mean he was one. All you people need to stop believing in everything that you see bc they're only making stories who SELLS. they won't say anything nice bc it doesnt sell.. Dont you get that?

224 days ago


People are so into hating on celebs. I think they're adorable. Everyone goes through negative things in life, Hollywood likes to focus on this. I wish they would share the positive point of view...oh snap wait a minute then haters would have nothing to be happy about. Its a sad world when people are focused on the worst in everyone...and it trickles from celebrities right down to regular every day life. No one wants anything good for anyone else anymore...well I DO #changethehatetolove xoxo

224 days ago


Hey love is so good but so dangerous and if they can learn to be better people to the people I don't give a crap what they do it's their lives I just hope they both respect themselves but mostly their fans.. That's how half these people become famous its your fans that make you NOT YOUR MONEY!!

224 days ago


She's an idiot just like him...they deserve each other and go AWAY!!!!!!

224 days ago


I'm pretty sure her reps said she went because of emotional issues not specifically was Justin mentioned except by media sources like you. You act like she can't experience other emotional traumas in her life. What about depression from all the hates she's been getting for the last four years? That would surely have some sort of negative effect. But either way they both have their issues and if they want to be a mess together let them, maybe they will get their **** together.

224 days ago


...........ummmm I'm so confused. should I be happy that they are trying to get their act together or be sad that justin is taken again? (sad face) .............Go Jelena.................?

224 days ago


Justin wishes he was Black so bad lol

224 days ago


She's a tiny girl and he's just about her size. Instead of walking around shirtless all the time with his scrawniness on full display, he should pile on the layers and invest in some lifts for his shoes or maybe some Kiss boots.

224 days ago


I've watched the clip 30 times and when through 3 different emotions; shock, sadness (cry for like 5 seconds), and deep deep depression. Is it bad that I don't want to see them together? Is it wrong that I don't see him with any other girl than me? Remember the name Fate

224 days ago


I like them together let justin and selena work out for themselves

224 days ago


South Texas Golf Magazine actually broke the story (and I would appreciate a retraction) with a massive text at 10:18 a.m. on Friday. I (Henry) could've broke the story Thursday when Selena Gomez actually flew in, the night before she was scheduled ahead of her bus and checked into her hotel in downtown McAllen. And they didn't meet up at the studio, they went there together... thanks.

224 days ago
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