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Chris Brown

You Got Too Close to Our Women

So We Booted You from Rehab

3/17/2014 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown was thrown out of the Malibu rehab facility Friday for violating 3 internal rules ... including a special rule imposed specifically on him -- STAY AT LEAST 2 FEET FROM THE WOMEN.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the rehab facility imposed the 2-foot rule because of the Rihanna case -- specifically, that he beat her.  The people who run the facility imposed the highly unusual rule, and we're told Chris violated it by touching elbows and hands with a woman.

As for the 2 other violations, we're told Chris left the facility last week on an authorized outing, but when he returned he was told to submit to a random drug test and he refused.  Our sources say he later took the test and the results were negative, but the initial refusal was a violation of rules.

And the third violation ... the facility claims Chris made a mockery of rehab during a group session with some harsh comments.

Our sources say Chris was also in some sort of sexual encounter with a woman at the facility at the beginning of the month, but for some reason that is not part of the basis for booting him.

TMZ broke the story ... Chris was arrested Friday because he violated the order of the judge in the Rihanna case ... the judge required him to stay in rehab for anger management until mid-April, when his Washington D.C. assault case ran its course.

He's currently being held in jail without bail.  His lawyer, Mark Geragos, will appear in court Monday with Brown in an attempt to get him freed.  We're guessing Geragos will ask for house arrest until the D.C. trial.



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You need to clean you act or is goin to finish bad for you

185 days ago


TMZ can you please remove the spam? Geez.

184 days ago


Is that all he did? How the **** you expect to keep a man in a place for 90 days with ought bursting a quick nut??? **** a week too long of me just saying. See this is what's wrong with the justice system, Y'all aint lock him up for violence but trying to lock him up for bursting a nut..Don't y'all know bursting a nut calms a man down? oh well forgot most opt y'all are gay anyway.
Hold your head up bra! i'm thinking he got violent again but for trying to or bursting a nut.. thats just wrong for real

184 days ago


sure hope this birth defect goes to a REAL jail and not some celeb resort! he needs to get real close with his kind of homeys in the shower stall!

184 days ago


So woman beater.....
how does it feel to NOT get your way huh?

Go Away and leave us a better place.


184 days ago


He has been given every chance he deserves to be in jail just over the Rhianna thing alone. Lock this guy up. He has had enough passes.

184 days ago


Don't worry he be free again

184 days ago


Why all this hate for this young man?he made a mistake RI forgave him so why all this hate is it because he is black .Chris did not kill anyone Zimmerman kill a young boy and he is walking free Charlie Sheen did worse and so are many others and they were not treated with such evil. Chris is a talented young man give him his life back .

184 days ago

Eat the RICH    

Thank you universe for finally making this douche bag go to jail for BEATING the crap out of his girlfriend! It's amazing what fame and money will let you get away with...

184 days ago


Meanwhile everyone is taking how stupid Chris is... this story sounds a little suspect to me. I never judge unless I know all the facts, not hearsay. I don't know how many times he has been turned to court then later found out his reasoning for court was because of false accusations. I guess I will keep posted until the court hearing.

184 days ago


Give me a break , getting kick out of rehab for hand shaking and bumping against someone is not grounds to kick someone out of rehab , also hiis rights as a human being is be violated by the system and know telling his probation officer and the district attorney probably ask the rehab people to make these rules since he is a ladies man

184 days ago


TMZ loves to hate Chris...elbow touching..Really....bogus. TMZ probably had an orgasm when they concocted this story.

184 days ago


Chris wants to act dark skin so bad this is what happens. lls

184 days ago


I find Raquel's defense of Chris Brown repugnant. What kind of woman defends a man who is a woman beater? And so far as his being thrown out of rehab for breaking 'basic' rules, if he can't show some self control in 'basic' situations how is he ever going to prove he can in stressful situations? And if he'd beat a tiny little thing that bad..he'd think Raquel could go toe to toe...women like her are man looks that good, sings that good, or talks that good to beat a woman and then deserve to be defended by other women...

184 days ago


This is crazy. Why would Chris Brown be sent to jail for holding hands with a female. When Lindsey L have broken sooo many rules and laws and she gets TV show. All I'm saying is what do Chris Brown, Michael Vick and Lindsay Lowhawn have in common

184 days ago
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